One-Quest at TooManyGames!

Some of the One-Quest crew are hoping to check out TooManyGames next weekend (June 24th-26th). Listen for our impressions of the show on the following #PodQuest!

Too Many Games 2014

Once again, just as it happens every year, hordes of gaming nerds rush into The Greater Philadelphia Expo center in Oaks, as it is dangerous to go alone. That’s right, Too Many Games has returned for another year of gaming awesomeness. There is plenty to do there ranging from live concerts, arcade and console gaming, indie developer showcase, panels, and a decent sized vendor area you can easily occupy a day at a nice price. So stay a while and listen, while I tell you about the experience I had at Too Many Games 2014.

South Jersey Geek Fest This Weekend

Hey folks, this weekend, April 19th in Woodbury Heights NJ is South Jersey Geek Fest, and it’s looking to be a pretty awesome time. Their website probably describes it best:

MAGFest 12

MAGFest 2014 was an absolute blast! And after some extremely needed recovery time we’re finally here with our thoughts of the yearly nerd festival.

Baltimore Comic Con 2013 Recap

Baltimore Comic Con 2013 was on September 7 & 8, we’re a little late with our coverage, but regardless of that it was still a great time. Below is a general recap of our day down at the convention, and expect some pictures to come later on through our Facebook page.

Otakon 2013 Coverage: Part 3 Cosplays

Completing our Otakon coverage, I am taking a look at all those costumed crusaders running around the Baltimore inner harbor that weekend. Cosplayers are what they are called, and Otakon is full of them. Seeing people running around dressed as characters ranging from Batman to Mario, Link to the Red Ranger, and Finn from Adventure Time to. . . well Finn from Adventure Time, oddly makes me feel at home.

Otakon 2013 Coverage: Part 2 Convention Overview

Continuing on with our coverage of Otakon 2013 anime convention. Being a veteran of this convention, 2013 having been my 7th year I believe, I can tell you that there is a lot this con brings to mind. With tons to do during the many hours of viewings, panels, dances, masquerade, and concerts, the two words that come to mind most for me are epicness and congestion.

Otakon 2013 Coverage: Part 1 Industry Panels

Every summer for one weekend, the Baltimore Inner Harbor has a huge makeover. Hordes of people carrying fake swords, with neon colored hair, and cars packed with tons of luggage traverse to the hotels. They have made the east coast nerd pilgrimage to the anime convention known as Otakon.

Biggest News From Comic Con 2013

Biggest News From Comic Con 2013

As so many people on the internet already know, this past weekend was Comic Con International, in San Diego California. At this point, it’s really not a Comic Convention anymore, it’s a pop culture event. TV shows premiere pilots, movies show off new trailers, comic publishers reveal new books, it’s pretty much everything a nerd could want!

Too Many Games Redux (Tecmo Bowl Edition)

So Anthony has talked at length about Too Many Games already so I won’t really go into that, you can check out his post and video for more details on that. What I will talk about is the one tournament I played in, the Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 tourny.

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