Friday Five – Favorite Pranks

We might be a little late to the prank party, but here’s our list of our favorite pranks! Happy belated April Fools!

Daft Punk in Tron Legacy attire.

Friday Five – Favorite Movie Soundtracks

It’s time for the Friday Five! We’re talking about Movie Soundtracks this week! Be sure to check it out!

Friday Five – Favorite Tabletop Games

Most people love a good board game, card game, or tabletop RPG, so we figured we’d list our favorite this week!

Friday Five – Favorite Aliens

This week we’re talking all about our Favorite Aliens. There’s a lot of Doctor Who stuff going on here, but we go for some slightly more unique picks as well. Check them out, and make sure to let us know your favorites too!

Friday Five – Favorite Remakes

After a week off we’re back and this time it’s listing our Favorite Remakes. That is all, onto the list!

Friday Five – Favorite Bad Movies

There are some really great movies out there, people love them, critics love them, everyone just loves them. But there are also some really really bad movies, and while the audience for them may be small, a handful of people do love them. So this week we decided to spotlight those failed titles by listing our Favorite Bad Movies, which has a strong dose of Sylvester Stallone going on for some reason.

Friday Five – Favorite Adorable Creatures

Last week we talked about our favorite monsters, so this week we’re going the other direction and talking about some adorable creatures!

Friday Five – Favorite Monsters

This week on the Friday Five we talk about our Favorite Monsters, because well why the hell not. Evolve comes out next week, and that is all about killin monsters after all.

Friday Five – Favorite Sports

If you listen to PodQuest you probably know not all of us are the biggest sports enthusiasts. But enough of us are that screw that guy! So this week we’re delving into our favorite sports, many of which probably aren’t even traditional.

Friday Five – Favorite Universes

Marvel just announced this week that they were going to be wiping out their existing comic universes and merging them into something new, after this summer’s Secret Wars. So, why not use that as a talking point for this week’s Friday Five, Favorite Universes!

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