Bonus Action S1 Ep3 – Rescue Mission

A new day comes to the Shalepoint Garrison as our team of adventurers is sent on a mission against time, to try to find any survivors of The Nameless, while being wary of the large threats in the jungle.

Bonus Action S1 E2 – Jungle Expedition

Our daring adventurers make their way deep into the jungles of Idax, following behind Captain Darkhorn to reach Shalepoint Garrison. After a close call with some native creatures, they reach their destination, speak with the chief, and Bartleby gets a mysterious message.

Bonus Action S1 E1 – Adventure Begins

The adventure is about to begin on our first episode of Bonus Action! In the opening hour of session 1 meet our adventurers as they travel by boat in DM Richie’s homebrew world of Calloria.

PodQuest 119 – Playstation VR, Pokemon, and Shooters

The whole gang is here to talk about Playstation VR, Pokemon, and the elusive world of first person shooters. Also up for discussion is the recently revealed Red Dead Redemption sequel, Final Fantasy XI, and like 5 minutes about comics.

PodQuest 114 – Mirrors Edge, TV, and Nintendo Direct

After another missed week, which is totally on Chris and he accepts that, PodQuest is back. This time around we’re talking about Mirror’s Edge, TV, Battlefield 1, the recent Nintendo Direct, and plenty more.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – Review

While light on interaction, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is heavy in drama and mystery, and a wonderful game for fans of either.

ZombiU coming to Next Gen as “Zombi”

ZombiU, the WiiU survival-horror exclusive title, is making the jump from exclusive to third-party cross-platform, cross-generation, title. Now known as Zombi, you can expect to get your hands on this unique take on the zombie apocalypse set in London on August 18th.

In Defense of Destiny

Destiny is no stranger to controversy. Since day one nearly every major games journalism website has featured an article on the first page, or somewhere close to it, ripping apart some aspect of Destiny. Bungie’s foray into current gen consoles has been polarizing to almost every degree. I can respect the arguments about lack of content, missing story, and pretty much anything else you want to complain about. However, the most recent “fiasco” (read: scandal) is absolutely absurd! What is it about Destiny that makes it unacceptable to do what many other games have been doing for nearly a decade?

PodQuest 49 – Assassin’s Creed, Load Times, and Trailers

Hey everyone! It’s time for PodQuest! This episode is a tad longer than last weeks, but still shorter than our usual run. Drootin, Walnuts, and Eric discuss everything from Movie trailer and avoiding spoilers, to next gen games and their absurd load times. We also tackle an email and a talk about this weeks news! Be sure to check it out!

Friday Five – Favorite Pranks

We might be a little late to the prank party, but here’s our list of our favorite pranks! Happy belated April Fools!

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