A Brief History of Calloria

The ever expanding universe is often seen as a play thing by the many temperamental gods.. Expanding past the worlds of Exandria, Athas, Krynn, Toril, and Oerth, a number of gods used their powers to start their own world. Known as Calloria, created by the First Four; Moradin, Melora, Pelor and Erathis. Along with their allies, they would come to be known as the Savior Gods to the people. They created this world with no hardships. The first people, known as the God touched, were taught how to live, grow crops, and sustain their growing populations with rules and government. This world was prosperous for centuries, until darker gods decided to take action and spread chaos. The god Kord released destructive storms, Lolith and Bane taught the people of pride, wrath, and deception. As the world and its people grew, more gods came to exert their wills and test these mortals, bringing with them both salvation and devastating chaos.

Through the ages , the conflict changed course, no longer were the gods testing the mortals of Calloria. Instead they were fighting for control, to rule this world, and all who inhabit it. The devastation that was brought by the new gods’ influence and destruction is now known as The Banishment Wars. The Savior Gods gave the mortals ways to defend themselves. They bestowed the population with their own magic and control of the elements. These powers, over time, caused the God Touched Aasimar to change into the races of men we know today, as they continued to defend against the Destroyers themselves.

As the chaos continued, chunks of land both large and small were broken off of this world. The god Corellon recognized these chunks for the power they held within and with the aid of some other gods, they broke away and started to combine these chunks to create the moon, to summon the moon goddess Sehanine. This summoning took time, and in that time the Savior Gods were outnumbered from the Destructive Gods. This caused much of the population to hide within large caves and mines below the world’s surface. This nearly decade long struggle, having been dubbed The Long Night, had the survivors feeling as if it had been a lifetime. Suddenly within an instant, The Long Night was over, and the survivors had Caloria to themselves with no godly influence for the first time in their long history.

The Summoning on Sehanine drew the attention of the Destructive gods off world, while the Savior gods combined their powers with a warding spell ritual being led by Corellon, sealing away access from all gods. Since this time, roughly a hundred and fifty years have passed. It hasn’t been all fun and games for the people of Calloria, but they have settled the surface again, and expanded their cities to connect all their known regions as one. To date, there are three great cities, two on the continent of Ualafas, and one on the continent of Urend, but those are a different story.

Our story is a story of exploration on the seemingly uninhabited landmass known by many as The Maelstrom, but those exploring it, call it Idax. We join our adventurers as they each have accepted a large payment of 400 gold, 200 now and 200 at the end of the first year, to work forThe Zephyr Conclave. They are aboard the vessel The Stormbreaker for the long journey to Idax, and have been under the maelstrom long enough to make it hard to track the passage of days. We begin on what is presumed to be the morning of one of the last days of travel, the storm is hard but starting to break, and many of the travelers have met for breakfast.

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The Story So Far. . .
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