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Welcome to One-Quest’s ‘Rasslin Report! Each week Drootin and Shaun sit down and chat about all the goings on in the world of professional wrestling.

Note – ‘Rasslin Report is no longer an active show, but all the episodes are still available on podcast platforms for your listening enjoyment! If you want to see us bring it back, drop us a line on social media, Patreon, or email social(at)

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‘Rasslin Report 16 – We’re back?!?!?!?

The last show came 2 weeks after Daniel Bryan’s last match in WWE and now that he’s returned to action the Report is back! Join Drootin and new co-host Sara as we talk Daniel Bryan’s return, Hulk Hogan potentially returning to WWE, new Bullet Club logo, and give predictions for WrestleMania 34, NXT Takeover: New Orleans, ROH Supercard of Honor, and NJPW Sakura Genesis.

‘Rasslin Report #15 – Extreme Rules Preview!

The ‘Rasslin Report is back to give you Drootin & Sara’s predictions for WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV!

‘Rasslin Report #14 – WrestleMania Recap!!!

So last Sunday was WrestleMania!!! It didn’t suck! Or did it? Drootin, Shaun, and Sara are here to talk about WrestleMania and all of the post WrestleMania RAW news!

‘Rasslin Report #13 – WrestleMania 31 Preview!

The ‘Rasslin Report is back just in time to talk about all things WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!

‘Rasslin Report – WWE Fastlane Predictions!

Due to data constraints Shaun and I weren’t able to record a podcast this week, but with WWE Fastlane tonight I figured I’d post our predictions for the show at least! So here they are!

‘Rasslin Report #12 – 3 In A Row

It’s true, it’s true, it’s damn true! Shaun and I are back with another ‘Rasslin Report

‘Rasslin Report #11 – The Much Less Vulgar Edition!

We’re back for a second week in a row?! WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED!? Shaun is sick this week so Drootin’s wife Sara joins him as they talk about Raw, NXT, and how she got suckered into becoming a wrestling fan. Also we totally lie in the beginning about it being shorter, but you probably noticed that by now.

‘Rasslin Report 10 – Royal Rumble and Such

Finally….. the ‘Rasslin Report has come back to One-Quest! (I hope you all read that in The Rock’s voice). So it’s been awhile, but we’re back again because Royal Rumble happened! So this episode Shaun and I discuss our thoughts on the Royal Rumble match and the PPV as a whole, Shaun talks about Wrestle Kingdom 9, and we answer questions people send in to our Facebook or to [email protected] with the subject line Rasslin!

‘Rasslin Report 9 – Survivor Series Recap

After a couple months away while busy watching football, the ‘Rasslin Report is back to cover all the things that have happened in pro wrestling for the last 2 months. Sting has arrived in WWE, Global Force Wrestling has announced their first PPV event, New Japan is coming to US TV, and more!

‘Rasslin Report Survivor Series 2014 Predictions!

o, its been awhile since Shaun and I have recorded an episode of the ‘Rasslin Report because we’ve both been SUPER down on the state of the product right now. Hopefully we will get back into the swing of things this week and completely rant on how wrong we were with our predictions and everything else in the world of professional wrestling. But here’s our Survivor Series predictions to hold you over!

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