PodQuest 497 – Nintendo Partner Showcase, Lethal Company, and Day Shift

This week on PodQuest we talk about some of the games shown off during the February 2024 Nintendo Partner Showcase, including the first of the Xbox games heading to other platforms, then Walnut talks about his first experiences with Lethal Company, and we have our book club discussion on the 2022 horror comedy Day Shift. After that Chris talks about the Netflix original limited series Fool Me Once (Including full spoilers, so check those time stamps!).

PodQuest 496 – Shenmue, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and Amory Wars

This week on PodQuest, Walnut dives into his time with the 1999 Dreamcast classic Shenmue, Chris played through the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo, and Walnut also read himself some Amory Wars, the comic series from Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez. We also talk a bit about Chris’ thoughts on the 2022 horror thriller X, and Walnut played a little Football Manager.

PodQuest 495 – Xbox Rumors, Across the Spider-Verse, and Persona 3 Reloaded

This week on PodQuest we open with some discussion on the recent Xbox Rumors around first party releases on other platforms and what they could mean for the industry. After that, we jump into our latest book club discussion for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Full spoilers!). Then we wrap the episode up with some early impressions of Persona 3 Reloaded! We also chat about the 2023 film Leave the World Behind and the 2018 novel Sea of Thieves Athena’s Fortune.

PodQuest 494 – Sony State of Play, Enshrouded, and Fringe

On this week’s episode of PodQuest we chat a bit about the games shown during the January 2024 Sony State of Play, then Walnut started playing the new open world survival game Enshrouded, and Chris finished watching Fringe. Plus a brief tangent on the Hulu docuseries Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People, Chris’ thoughts on Dave Grohl’s book The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music, and Walnut finally finished his play through of Baldur’s Gate III.

PodQuest 492 – AGDQ 2024, What If Season 2, and Monarch Legacy of Monsters

This week on PodQuest, Chris talks about some of his favorite runs from the first half of Awesome Games Done Quick 2024. Then Walnut tells us is thoughts on Marvel’s What If…? season 2, and Apple TV’s Monarch Legacy of Monsters season 1. We also chat a bit about a live show for And That’s Why We Drink and My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, the third movie.

PodQuest 491 – Re/Member, Loudermilk, and My Friendly Neighborhood

This week on PodQuest we start with our book club discussion on the 2022 Japanese horror film Re/Member, then Chris chats about the TV comedy series Loudermilk, and Walnut has started playing My Friend Neighborhood. We also hear some of Chris’ thoughts on Sky’s End by Marc J Gregson.

PodQuest 490 – A Haunting in Venice, Where Are Your Boys Tonight, and Subnautica

This week on PodQuest Chris talks about some movies including A Haunting in Venice, Drootin read the book Where Are Your Boys Tonight detailing the rise of Emo music in the early 00s, and Walnut has been playing some Subnautica for his newest Let’s Play series. We also talk about Quiz Lady, No Hard Feelings, Baldur’s Gate, The Long Dark, and Mickey Mouse.

PodQuest 489 – Gremlins, Super Mario RPG, and Our Best of 2023

It’s our final PodQuest of 2023! This week we have our book club discussion on the 1984 classic Gremlins, then Chris talks about the opening hours of the Super Mario RPG Remake, and we run down our Best of for 2023.

PodQuest 488 – Insomniac, Tattletail, and The Gentleman Bastards

This week on PodQuest we talk a bit about the hack and leaks from Insomniac, we do not however talk about the games and timelines but of the impact and the issue itself, particularly on the employees. After that, Walnut tells us about playing Tattletail a Christmas themed horror game, and Chris read through the 3 books in The Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch. We also talk a bit about Walnuts time with the We Were Here series of games, and Droo gives us an update on this years PFL (It’s basically an old tabletop / DnD style Football game).

PodQuest 487 – Game Awards 2023, School Spirts, and Godzilla Minus One

This week on PodQuest we talk a bit about The 2023 Game Awards and some of the issues with the show, then Chris talks about the show School Spirits which recent came to Netflix from Paramount+, and Walnut went and saw Godzilla Minus One. We also have our book club discussion on Groundhog Day (1993), and Chris played the board game Sushi Boat.

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