PodQuest 485 – Squid Game, All You Need Is Kill, His Majesty’s Dragon

This week on PodQuest we talk about the new reality gameshow Squid Game The Challenge on Netflix, Walnut watched All You Need Is Kill, the source material for the Tom Cruise and Emily blunt sci-fi action film Live. Die. Repeat. – The Edge of Tomorrow. And Chris read Naomi Novik’s 2006 Alternate History Fantasy novel His Majesty’s Dragon, the first in the Temeraire series. We also chat about the new season of Loki and the general state of the film industry, Walnut’s thoughts on Critical Roles Mighty Nein origin comics, and Chris does a quick check in on Persona 5 Tactica.

PodQuest 484 – Persona 5 Tactica, Anime NYC, and Scott Pilgrim

It’s PodQuest time again! We’re releasing a little later than usual, mostly because Chris absolutely forgot to schedule it for Thursday…whoops. Anyway this week we talk about Persona 5 Tactica, Chris’ time at Anime NYC 2023, and Walnut watched the new Netflix series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. We also chat a bit about YouTube, recent concerts, and Monarch Legacy of Monsters on Apple TV+, and of course have our book club discussion on the final half of World War Z by Max Brooks.

PodQuest 483 – Indie Games, The Marvels, and Fringe

We’re back with a full episode of PodQuest! This week we talk a bit about what an Indie game is after The Game Award nominees for “Best Independent Game” include games from huge publishers. After that Walnut talks a bit about The Marvel’s and dives deep with full series spoilers on Attack on Titan, especially the final season. And finally Chris chats a bit about the 2008 sci-fi series Fringe.

PodQuest 482 – Xbox and AI, World War Z, and things

This week on PodQuest we talk about Microsoft’s partnership to bring AI dev tools to Xbox, start out book club discussion on World War Z, and that’s about it. If you do continue past the point of no return, we continue talking about the first 187 pages of World War Z, then Chris chats about his first time reading Fellowship of the Ring, and Walnut put some time into Baldur’s Gate 3. Plus the SAG-AFTRA Strike is ending, and the news broke during recording.

PodQuest 481 – NHL 24, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Cities: Skylines II

We’re back with another new episode of PodQuest! This week Drootin talks about some of the ups and downs with EA’s latest Hockey Entry, NHL 24. Then Chris has finished up Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and talks about the game in depth, check the timestamps for when spoilers happen! And finally Walnut talks about his early impressions of Cities: Skylines II.

PodQuest 480 – Finished Business, Super Mario Wonder, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

This week on PodQuest we finish up Ray Didinger’s 2021 memoir “Finished Business” for our book club, then Chris talks about his time with Super Mario Wonder and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We also chat a bit about fun tours in New York City, and Walnut’s played some Demonologist.

PodQuest 479 – NYCC 2023, Beartooth, Dead Island

This week on PodQuest Chris recaps his time at New York Comic Con 2023, including some Dragon Ball news, we find out that Droo enjoyed music, especially the new Beartooth album, and Walnut finished up Dead Island Rip Tide and Dead Island Retro Revenge. We also hear a bit about Droo’s appearance on The Sports Trivia Face Off Podcast, Walnut got Baldur’s Gate 3, and Chris watched more One Piece (Through Impel Down!).

PodQuest 478 – Crunchyroll, Finished Business, and Bleach

This week on PodQuest we start out discussing the new 24 Hour anime channel available from Crunchyroll, then we get into the first half of our latest Book Club discussion covering the first 9 chapters of Ray Didinger’s Finished Business before also chatting about book clubs past, then Chris and Walnut go over the second cour of Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War, before wrapping things up with a quick chat about Emo Orchestra featuring Hawthrone Heights and the upcoming Stardew Valley concert.

PodQuest 477 – Secret Project 4, Dead Island, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

On this week’s episode of PodQuest, Chris talk about Brandon Sanderson’s Secret Project 4, the finale of the Year of Sanderson. Walnut tells us about his time playing Dead Island, and Chris also started playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. We also chat a bit about Left 4 Dead as Walnut does his annual spooky game playing for October, dive into the PlayStation 1 era of Final Fantasy games, and chat a bit about upcoming concerts.

PodQuest 476 – Jurassic Park, Liveship Traders, and Starfield

It’s literary week on PodQuest, we have the second half of our book club discussion on Michael Chriton’s 1990 novel Jurassic Park, then Chris talk a bit about Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders trilogy, and Walnut has some more to say about Starfield.

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