PodQuest 381 – Link’s Awakening, Cowboy Bebop and Hawkeye

This week on PodQuest we talk about Richie’s waning interested in Forza Horizon 5, Chris played the Switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and then we talk a bit about Cowboy Bebop on Netflix and the first two episodes of Hawkeye on Disney+. We also diverge into some other Nintendo talk with Mario and Kirby.

Bonus Action S1 Ep3 – Rescue Mission

A new day comes to the Shalepoint Garrison as our team of adventurers is sent on a mission against time, to try to find any survivors of The Nameless, while being wary of the large threats in the jungle.

PodQuest 380 – Anime NYC, Gundam SEED, and Ridley Scott

This week on PodQuest Chris talks about his time at Anime NYC, plus he finished Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. We also talk about Ridley Scott’s comments regarding the poor performance of The Last Duel. Plus Richie started State of Decay 2, and finished his Arrowverse catchup. Then we wrap things up with our book club discussion of the Giant Beastcast episodes 84, 134, and 136 (The holiday sessions!).

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PodQuest 379 – Activision Blizzard, State of Decay 2, and The Eternals

This week on PodQuest we discuss the new reports about Activision Blizzards sexual harassment investigations, and just how much CEO Bobby Kotick knew. Droo started playing State of Decay 2, and Chris saw Marvel’s latest movie The Eternals. We also talk about some recent concerts as well as the Astroworld tragedy, Xbox’s 20th anniversary stream and the early release of Halo Infinite Multiplayer, and whether or not a movie studio should recast a lead based on COVID-19 restrictions and requirements. Then Chris wraps up the show with some quick reviews of Red Notice, Jungle Cruise, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Ted Lasso.

Bonus Action S1 E2 – Jungle Expedition

Our daring adventurers make their way deep into the jungles of Idax, following behind Captain Darkhorn to reach Shalepoint Garrison. After a close call with some native creatures, they reach their destination, speak with the chief, and Bartleby gets a mysterious message.

PodQuest 378 – Critical Role, Elden Ring, and Forza Horizon 5

This week on PodQuest we talk about the big events of the past week’s Critical Role, discuss the reveals and previews of Elden Ring, and our time with Forza Horizon 5. We also talk about Batwoman as Walnut catches up, and have our latest book club discussion about the Korean zombie film #Alive and its American counterpart Alone.

PodQuest 377 – To The Rescue, Hollow Knight, and World Heroes Mission

This week on PodQuest, Chris and Walnut talk about Skydance New Media’s Marvel reveal, the new animal shelter simulator To The Rescue, and Chris went out to see My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission. We also talk a bit about Hollow Knight, Something is Killing the Children, and Fallout 76.

Bonus Action S1 E1 – Adventure Begins

The adventure is about to begin on our first episode of Bonus Action! In the opening hour of session 1 meet our adventurers as they travel by boat in DM Richie’s homebrew world of Calloria.

PodQuest 376 – Nintendo Switch Online, Saga, and Metroid Dreads Ending

This week on PodQuest, we talk about last week’s Animal Crossing direct as well as the price and reactions to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass, then we discuss this weeks Book Club topic, the first two volumes of the Image Comics series Saga by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples, and we have a final Metroid discussion about the final boss fight of Metroid Dread. We also talk about the new Dune movie, and the first episode of Critical Role’s third campaign.

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