Bonus Action S1 E15 – Who shot first?

Coming face to face with the first camp of duergar, some strange fiend starts attacking the party, causing an all out brawl.

Podcast recorded on Sunday April 3, 2022 (Part 1 of 3 from session 5)

Bonus Action S1 E14 – Aftershocks

Recovering from the rainbow mushroom, the party decides to test the mushrooms on a rat and themselves. They travel down the cave, and encounter the first camp.

Podcast recorded on Sunday April 3, 2022 (Part 1 of 3 from session 5)

Bonus Action S1 E13 – Mushroom Fears

Deeper into the underdark, the party encounters some mysterious spores and confront some of their biggest fears.

Bonus Action S1 E12 – Barrel Trap

Diving into the mines, and caves to confront the Duergar, the party encounters some slimes, and devise plans to get out of tight situations.

Bonus Action S1 E11 – Feral Friends?

A meeting with the chief of the Feral goblins leads to some unexpected shenanigans, and the party learning just how wild these goblins are.

Bonus Action S1 E10 – Unexpected Treaties

After dealing with the Duregar squad, a plan is made to deal with two issues at the same time. The group heads south to learn what they can of the Feral Goblins

Bonus Action S1 E9 – A Miner Plea

A meeting with Forewoman Waterwatcher and Elder Flintzbane, a discussion of what needs to be done gets interrupted by some unwelcome guests

Bonus Action S1 E8 – State Your Business

Having been surrounded by goblins, our heroes start to learn the threats of the jungles outside the gate, and make a quick trek to their destination.

Bonus Action S1 E7 – Back to Back to Back to Back to Back

The team works away a week of down time and training while sitting watch on the main gate. They try to work closely with learning the Islands mysteries, as well as getting to know Head Arcanast Arias and Captain Cloudfang, before getting sent on their first expedition.

Bonus Action S1 E6 – Salt Endeavor

Having gained the trust of Chiel Naaldrith, he asks our group to work with him in uncovering any untoward actions that the other heads may be plotting against the encampment. Before heading to their assignment, Vail and Bartleby have an interesting encounter.

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