Friday Five – Favorite Aliens


Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with a top 5 list. This week’s category: Favorite Aliens

This week we’re talking all about our Favorite Aliens. There’s a lot of Doctor Who stuff going on here, but we go for some slightly more unique picks as well. Check them out, and make sure to let us know your favorites too!


  1. Alf – Alf – Who doesn’t love Alf? He just wanted to eat cats. . .
  2. The Doctor – Doctor Who – Sure he looks human on the outside, but he’s anything but! Though he spends all of his lives trying to protect the earth so that’s swell of him.
  3. Han Solo – Star Wars – Another alien that looks like one of us, but this one is from a long time again and a galaxy far away. The Corellian smuggler found a way into our hearts in the Star Wars movies and he’s been there ever since.
  4. Groot – Marvel Comics – He is Groot
  5. Station – Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – Station man, totally.



  1. The Doctor – Doctor Who
  2. The Ood – Doctor Who
  3. Thermians – Galaxy Quest
  4. Diva – The Fifth Element
  5. The Silence – Doctor Who



  1. Protoss (StarCraft) – Super advanced alien race from StarCraft, and my favorite race to play. Legacy of the Void couldn’t come soon enough.
  2. Ridley (Metroid) – He’s a space pirate and a friggin’ dragon! He is not a space-dragon, that’s not official cannon.
  3. Hannar (Mass Effect) – The floaty weird race in Mass Effect. The best one is the one that stars in a series of James Bond like spy movies.
  4. The Watcher (Marvel) – He does nothing but watch!
  5. Face of Boe (Doctor Who) – He may or may not be Captain Jack Harkness… Regardless, Face of Boe is the absolute best.


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