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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with a top 5 list. This week’s category: Favorite Sports

If you listen to PodQuest you probably know not all of us are the biggest sports enthusiasts. But enough of us are that screw that guy! So this week we’re delving into our favorite sports, many of which probably aren’t even traditional.


Sports! This was done for Drootin, mostly because he likes nothing else. It’s his fault this is a category, and I hate him for it.

  1. Blitzball – Underwater football/soccer. I hope you can hold your breath.
  2. Quidditch – Flying brooms and shit! And a golden snitch or something.
  3. Podracing – I need to own a car that sounds like Sebulba’s racer in the worst way.
  4. Dota 2 – I can’t play for shit, but it’s fucking awesome to watch.
  5. Gladiators – The ancient shit where people died not the Americanized version.

Muggle Quidditch


So, it seems like there has been some pandering to a certain person to get them to do the Friday Five this week……. Oh, that’s me…. Well it worked!!!!

  1. Lacrosse.8 – its the fuckin best, combines a lot of different skills to make the best sport on the planet. More people should watch it, I personally prefer the box/indoor game to the field game but enjoy both greatly. I’ll gladly watch any game with anyone and answer any questions to try and get people into the sport.
  2. Ice hockey – my 2nd favorite sport, but I must say I’ve been a bit disinterested in the NHL this year.
  3. American football – football is fantastic and ever since I’ve gotten super into fantasy football in the last like 6-7 years its consumed my September-Decembers.
  4. Blitzball – I really liked Blitzball in FFX, the only problem I had with it really with it was that it got too easy.
  5. Curling – my last spot came down to my 2 favorite Olympic sports, Curling and Team Handball, and since we’re in the winter I’m going with Curling. Curling is shuffleboard on ice. Its honestly kinda dumb, but pretty relaxing to watch and can also get pretty intense and skillful.



  1. Hockey – “During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records: most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.”
  2. American Football – Take the idea of basketball with an egg shaped ball meant for throwing and over about 100 years slowly whittle playtime down with commercials until in a 2 hour broadcast there is only 12 minutes of ACTUAL PLAY. But also add in a football robot so people don’t revolt.
  3. Golf – Game of Kings. More exercise than you think…
  4. Bobsledding – Hey, Cool Runnings man.
  5. WW2 Lady Baseball – THERE IS NO CRYING IN BASEBALL. I guess a lot of my sports knowledge comes from movies…



    I’m not really an active person but I don’t mind watching or participating in some sports.

  1. Hockey – I don’t really watch it anymore, if only it were as violent as it used to be.
  2. Tennis – pretty boring to watch, but fun to play.
  3. Volleyball – I’m awful at it, but it’s still another fun one to play and watch.
  4. Bowling – Hey, if the fictional sports the guys picked count then so does bowling. I’m not awful at it, and it’s great for just hanging out with friends or a date.
  5. Scrabble – I was gonna pick something else active but according to Wikipedia Scrabble is a table sport… I really like Scrabble. Though if I has to pick an active table sport it would be air hockey or ping pong.



  1. Hockey – Hockey is probably my go to classic sport. Even though it’s changed a bit in recent years I still enjoy it.
  2. Baseball – Baseball has to be my number two, it’s not the most exciting, but there’s something particularly fun about going to a game.
  3. Quidditch – Who the fuck doesn’t want to fly on broomsticks and hit people with shit?
  4. Mario Kart – This is probably more competitive than any sport on earth, except maybe Dota.
  5. Air Hockey – It was this or bowling, I went with this.


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