Friday Five – Favorite Tabletop Games


Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with a top 5 list. This week’s category: Favorite Tabletop Games

Most people love a good board game, card game, or tabletop RPG, so we figured we’d list our favorite this week!


I don’t really play any tabletop games, so I just listed ones I could remember ever playing.

  1. Go Fish – Does this even count?
  2. Munchkin – I do actually like Munchkin, it’s a lot of fun, should probably play it more.
  3. Scrabble – I’ve never played the real game, just Words with Friends, but I like it.
  4. Trivial Pursuit – The normal game is awful, but some of the themed ones are fun.
  5. Pictionary – Only played this a few times, fucking awful at it too. I don’t even know what I’m drawing half the time.



  1. Monopoly
  2. Scrabble
  3. Solitaire
  4. Pictionary
  5. Munchkin



  1. Cards Against Humanity – The best is when parents and their children are involved. Awkward hilarity ensues.
  2. Beer Pong – because I’m not to shabby. I’ve been pregnant since the last time we were able to play, so I’ve got to get some practice in once baby’s here.
  3. Settlers of Catan – I’ve gotta get all the sheep!!!
  4. Cranium – a way to make people act out in stupid ways.
  5. Flip cup – I’ve played it once and found it to be enjoyable.



I don’t play enough tabletop games. I do have a large list of games I really want to play, so this will probably be a list of those.

  1. Settlers of Catan – After years of staring at the game in stores, I finally got a copy for Christmas. I’ve still only played a handful of times, but it’s great!
  2. Dungeon and Dragons – The original RPG. I’ve wanted to get into this for so long. We finally started a campaign earlier this month and I couldn’t have had more fun. Well, I could have. I had a sinus infection… maybe without that it’ll be a lot more fun!
  3. Betrayal at House on the Hill – It’s basically Cabin in the Woods the game, without all the behind the scenes stuff. It’s really cool! Now I just need to buy it.
  4. Ticket to Ride – This game is beautifully simple. Everyone for themselves, draw cards and play them to make train routes. Simple rules, and a ton of fun. If only I owned it…
  5. Pandemic – This has been on my must have list as long as Catan has been. 4 players cooperate against the game itself. Everyone wins together, or loses together. It’s an awesome concept.


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