Friday Five – Favorite Pranks

plastic wrapped car
Hey everyone! Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list. This week’s category is: Favorite Pranks!
It’s (a little past) April Fools time, so we though it only fitting to look at our favorite pranks. Unfortunately we missed our posting time, so this is a little past due… I mean… APRIL FOOLS! We meant to do it. I swear…


  1. Filling a persons room with pages from the Phone book – This is a video on YouTube somewhere, kid goes away for a weekend leaves the dorm room unlocked. Friends proceed to pull out every page from the pallet of Phone books that no one uses that colleges get and fill him room with them.
  2. Filling a room with balloons – I’m sure this has been on the site before, a few years back Walnuts had his bedroom filled with balloons, some even had surprises in them. A bunch of us were even hiding under them when he came in.
  3. Blocking a door with a wall of phones books – Another wonderful video on YouTube. Some, what I can only assume were engineering students, made a wall of phone books the exact shape and size of a door. Then they glued porn to one side, and covered it in honey then wedged it in front of someone’s door while they were sleeping.
  4. Plastic Wrap almost anything – Cars, desks, anything someone needs to be able to access is generally a great time.
  5. Prank Calls – Not the Bart Simpson ones, though they are funny, but really getting someone up to a furious level, or breaking down to tears, those are great.




I love messing with people. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money to support this hobby… maybe that’s a good thing.

  1. Air horn chair – Use black duct tape to tape an air horn to the underside of someone’s office chair. When they sit down, hilarity!
  2. Hidden door – Use some construction supplies to make a door look like part of the wall. It’s a timely one, but with the right supplies you can have the whole thing looking legit within a couple hours.
  3. Snakes in a can – It’s a classic, but get someone to eat some nuts and boom they get a nice jump scare.
  4. Plastic wrapped car – You can’t get the cheap plastic wrap, and you need to go over and under the car, not around.
  5. Tap Tap! – This one is simple. You need some tape, string, and a small rock. You tape the rock and string to the side of a window, hide and pull the string. It makes a subtle tapping sound that is sure to freak people out.

Air Horn Chair

is not a boss.

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