South Jersey Geek Fest This Weekend


Hey folks, this weekend, April 19th in Woodbury Heights NJ is South Jersey Geek Fest, and it’s looking to be a pretty awesome time. Their website probably describes it best:

“SJ Geek fest is a celebration of your geekery featuring comics, art, tabletop games, music, video games, youtubers, a yoyo champion, cosplayers and more.”

There’s going to be all kinds of fun stuff to do, with games, and artist and stuff to talk to, and vendors to buy stuff from. Unlike a lot of the big convention that we get in the area, there isn’t going to be hoards of people there just to meet some famous person taking up valuable real estate, though they may have some mystery celebrities. This day is going to be all about celebrating geek culture and have a good time with friends old and new. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer, into comics and art, or maybe you’re really into board games. Basically if you’re in the South Jersey or Greater Philadelphia area it’s well worth swinging by and checking out, it’s only $8 dollars at the door, try getting into any other show for that much!

Oh and there’s one other awesome reason to check out SJ Geek Fest, One-Quest is going to be setup there giving away free stuff and recording our first official podcast right on the show floor. So make sure to swing by say high and grab some free swag, because who doesn’t love free swag?

Here’s the show info, and obviously go check out the SJ Geekfest website for more.

South Jersey Geek Fest
Date: Saturday April 19, 2014
Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Location: Woodbury Heights Community Center
741 Helen Ave Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

**PS the top image is right from the SJ Geek Fest website and isn’t something we made.

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