Too Many Games Redux (Tecmo Bowl Edition)

TB 2013

So Anthony has talked at length about Too Many Games already so I won’t really go into that, you can check out his post and video for more details on that. What I will talk about is the one tournament I played in, the Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 tourny.

As Anthony said it was cool to see a tournament for a custom ROM that was running on an actual NES. The best thing about this tournament and all the tournaments they had over the weekend at Too Many Games was that they were using the website to track the tournament which was nice. I believe a total of 13 or 14 people wound up signing up for the tournament which clearly is not ideal but it all worked out and by luck of the draw I got skipped straight to the semi-finals.  However, the guy who was supposed to be running the tournament was often busy doing something else because even with the small number of consoles hooked up there only ever seemed to be 3 people working in the “Gaming Arena” area so this caused some slowdown in the tournament. The tournament was supposed to start at 2 P.M. but started a little late, also due to the nature of sports games the tournament took a good 2+ hours to finish. Since it was a sports game tournament the majority of the entrants were not your prototypical gamer types it was more the sports gamer type with a few exceptions of course.  Of the games I watched most of them were very tight battles with final scores being very close with the exception being the opening game of the tournament where it was pure domination. Anthony and I both noticed that the guy on the losing end (who happened to be one of the few nerdy types in the tournament) almost slammed the controller and rage quit early in the 3rd quarter after some serious bad luck, but to his credit did not and toughed it out. There was good sportsmanship between the players (for the games I watched anyway) as both players shook hands both before and after each game. When it finally got to my turn to play I played against someone who I had watched play and was a good player, he played as the New England Patriots led by a high-powered passing offense led by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. I used the Minnesota Vikings and their dominant Running  Back Adrian Peterson to try and slow the game down as I had noticed that most players were using a pass-heavy offensive style.  The game started poorly for me as I allowed a long pass TD on the very first play. I would drive back down field to score and tie it up. The game was a back and forth game and I trailed going into halftime, mostly due to poor quarterback play which blew a key 4th-and-5 play for me late in the half that led to another long pass TD right at the half for my opponent. We kept trading scores into the 4th quarter where I scored late to get within a Field Goal of the win but I failed to recover the onside kick and that would end the game. Even though I only got to play 1 game and lost I still had fun and lost to a good player.

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