Too Many Games 2013 – Video Highlights

Without any further ado, here it is. Our official video footage from Saturday June 15, 2013 at Too Many Games! Hope you all enjoy it!

Too Many Games 2013 – Saturday June 16th Recap

To start things off, words cannot describe exactly how awesome this years Too Many Games (TMG) logo is! The Castlevania font is a damn good look. The Facebook cover photo was so sick I stole it for this post. All these awesome video game characters all meeting up at Drac’s castle. Completely bad ass!

Characters We Love – Petey Piranha

Well Questers, it’s August, and quite frankly, we’re grumpy because its too hot to do anything. Yet still, there’s a certain character who thrives in this climate. He is a personal friend of ours, and for his sake we must battle through all the sweating and such and honor him properly. The character we love for the month of August is Petey Piranha.

Characters We Love – Grimace

July is the month of Independence, not just for America, but fkin France too. ‘Merica did it first, and One-Quest is made in America. So, for our selection of a totally rad and significantly bodacious character, this month we decided to go within the realm of the most iconic feature of American culture: Fast food baby! Not just any fast food either, we’re rolling McDonalds! So prepare your McNuggets for awesome sauce as we talk about Grimace!

Numbers After Words: Lollipop Chainsaw

Sup Questers, we’ve done it again. Numbers After Words second video is now live on Youtube. This time we took a shot at a current gen title, Lollipop Chainsaw. Can’t help but feel a little bit dirty after this one…

RETROspective – Robotrek Review by Numbers After Words

RETROspective – Robotrek Review by Numbers After Words

What is “Numbers After Words” you ask? Plain and simple, it is a Youtube channel ran by a friend. This righteous SOB named Evan. He is partnering up with One-Quest contributer Anthony.

Wizard World Philly: Video Coverage

I am proud to present the first ever video done for One-Quest!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC Characters Announced

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC Characters Announced

An unveil trailer for the DLC characters has been released for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is scheduled for release in September. Wait what?! DLC Characters before the game is released! Oh brother! Don’t sweat it though the characters; Michelle, Ancient Ogre, Angel and Kunimitsu are being offered up as pre-order incentive.

Diablo III Do Not Disturb!

Diablo III Do Not Disturb!

Diablo III is finally here! We are not. We will continue our regularly scheduled programming tomorr. . .

eventually. . .

don’t wait up. . .

seriously. . .




Well it may be getting warmer outside, you know, with spring setting in. The smell of backyard barbecues, flowers blooming, and the ever annoying traffic, which clutters up roads that are in proximity to little league fields. Still, there are a couple straggling remnants of winter we can hold on to. One being the NHL playoffs, because it’s the cup! By the way I hate that tagline. The other being the new SSX DLC which became available today on Xbox Live and PSN! The DLC consists of an awesome looking new course, Mt. Eddie, and some classic characters for any of you nostalgia freaks.

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