Characters We Love – Petey Piranha

Well Questers, it’s August, and quite frankly, we’re grumpy because its too hot to do anything. Yet still, there’s a certain character who thrives in this climate. He is a personal friend of ours, and for his sake we must battle through all the sweating and such and honor him properly. The character we love for the month of August is Petey Piranha.

Characters We Love – Grimace

July is the month of Independence, not just for America, but fkin France too. ‘Merica did it first, and One-Quest is made in America. So, for our selection of a totally rad and significantly bodacious character, this month we decided to go within the realm of the most iconic feature of American culture: Fast food baby! Not just any fast food either, we’re rolling McDonalds! So prepare your McNuggets for awesome sauce as we talk about Grimace!

Sebulba in Pod

Characters We Love – Sebulba

In light of the 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, This month we honor: Sebulba

Characters We Love – Iceman

Today we honor Robert “Bobby” Luis Drake, aka Iceman

The Story So Far. . .
  • One-Quest was founded many millennia ago in a galaxy know as "n00b," by a foundation of Nerds. n00b was a small galaxy ruled by an evil empire, known as the "Hipstars." One-Quest formed with the sole purpose of removing the Hipstar empire from power, and restoring balance to all Nerds...
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