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Well Questers, it’s August, and quite frankly, we’re grumpy because its too hot to do anything. Yet still, there’s a certain character who thrives in this climate. He is a personal friend of ours, and for his sake we must battle through all the sweating and such and honor him properly. The character we love for the month of August is Petey Piranha.

Now usually, for this segment, we go off on a nerd rant about how awesome a certain character is. This month, since we’re too hot to rant, and we actually know this guy, we figured we’d sit down in the nice air conditioning and have a little interview with him.

        The speaker is indicated as such :  OQ – One-Quest PP – Petey Piranha


PP: I’m just gonna go ahead and start off by saying I never agreed to this air conditioned BS. That was your idea Ant, and I hate you for it.
OQ: Ok, I see you’re in a great mood . . . this won’t be long I promise.
PP: Hey no hard feelings, it’s really nice to be honored this way and all. This is more for the fans than your dumb ass. So Whattya got for me?
OQ: Just a couple of questions. First off, everyone is dying to know, what’s up with the speedo?
PP: Dawg, please, it’s my lucky pair of shorts. I assure you they are shorts and thats just it, they’re lucky. I started wearing them on the beach and all, and I was wearing ’em the day I got cast for Super Mario Sunshine back on Gamecube. That was my first big break man. I never looked back since!
OQ: Ah yes, you were selected in favor of the most famous plant in history, Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. She must have been a role model for you growing up. How did it feel to earn a walk on role in a huge video game series in favor of your childhood hero?
PP: Audrey is really great, I always loved her, it was a dream come true to meet her and she was very supportive about me getting the role. She felt it was time to pass on the torch, ya know?
OQ: Was it an age thing? Was there any kind of animosity felt between you guys? No offense but how long is she gonna be alive?
PP: Oh, I’ll be nice and I won’t tell her you mentioned her age. ::laughs:: Shes got a lot of years left, don’t you worry about that. She might just outlive us all! ::laughs:: But no, there was no animosity. I get asked that a lot honestly. I feel like people want there to be all this drama between us, but there’s nothing like that. Audrey is a real sweetheart, truely one of the best plants I know. She is the best mentor a guy could have. I’m truely blessed to have her.


OQ: That’s really cool, based on your experience with Audrey, do you have any advice you’d give to any other plants that aspire to make it big some day?
PP: Just be yourself and have fun man. Look at me for Plant God’s sake! I party in my lucky shorts 24/7, someone told me about the thing with Nintendo, I tried out, and next thing ya know I’m on millions of TVs all over the world fighting Mario! I never even knew it was my dream until it came true! ::laughs::
OQ: Thats quite the story Petey, if only we all could be so lucky. ::laughs:: Now there has been some rumors about an ongoing feud between you and the standard piranha plant. Is there any truth to these rumors? Maybe you could tell us a little about it?
PP: Oh brother, Jeff?! That legless freak! If I had a nickel for everytime I get asked that. . . ::laughs:: I’m just playing, I have no issues with him. I know it was a bitter pill for him to swallow when my rookie ass got cast in favor of him. He’s cool though. Funny story, we’re at the wrap party for Mario Sunshine, I got some girls in a booth with me, we’re all having drinks getting wild. Jeff comes and hops up on the table. Scares the hell out of us! He’s a very menacing dude. . . He gets in my face and says “You did a hell of a job on this project kid, welcome aboard!”


OQ: So the standard piranha plant is named Jeff? Hm, you would think they’d put that in the game credits or on IMDB or something. The bigger question is, how did he jump on the table in a warp pipe? Forgive my ignorance here.
PP: Just so people know he does actually have legs. He’s actually an awesome actor, he just didn’t get the part because they needed someone, well . . . taller. He’s been in the game (literally) since it all started in the 80’s, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t humbled the first time I saw him on set. The guy is a master. Also, Nintendo really likes to sell the fact that we aren’t actually actors. It makes for a more genuine experience whilst playing the games.


OQ: Good stuff Petey, I told you I wouldn’t keep you stuck in the air conditioning forever, so one last thing and I’ll let you go. You are our honorary character of the month for August 2012. Is there anything else you’d like to say to all the fans before you go?
PP: Absolutely ::puts on shades:: Without the fans I am nothing. If you guys see me on the street don’t be shy man. I’m not actually a bad guy, I just play one on TV. ::laughs:: I’m a party animal, I’m always looking for more people to get down with. How do you think I met these One-Quest clowns? Seriously y’all, keep the love, and keep playing my games, as long as you keep playing em, we’ll all keep being in them so you have things to kill! Also, thank you One-Quest once again. This really is an honor. Peace!
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