Characters We Love – Sebulba

In light of the 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace,

This month we honor: Sebulba

Sebulba in Pod

Sebulba, was a legendary podracing pilot who lived during the Rise of the Empire Era (The Prequel Movie Era) from Star Wars lore. He was born in Pixelito, the capital city of the planet Malestare. This was the homeworld of his species, the Dug. They were quadrupeds that could use all four of their limbs equally. Sebulba chose to walk around on his arms and do finer tasks with his legs, except when he would race, he drove like a human. Just to be clear, he can drive like us but we cannot walk like him.

So, why do we love him? Wasn’t he a bad guy? Well. . . Yes he was bad, he cheated in nearly every race he participated in. When he was done sabotaging other pilot’s pods pre-race, he was ramming them into walls on the course during it. He also made frequent use of his flamethrower side attachments which he had installed to ensure victory. So yeah he was a jerk, but you gotta admit flamethrowers are pretty badass though. Imagine if Nascar started installing flamethrowers. . .
Sebulba - Sabotaging a Pod

Here he is sabotaging Anakin’s Pod before the Boonta Eve Race on Tattoine


We at one-quest don’t like to focus on people’s (or creature’s) short-comings. We instead, judge them by the good that they’ve done.

#1 reason people hate Episode 1, Jar-Jar Binks.

Sebulba fights Jar Jar

#1 reason we love Sebulba, he gave Jar-Jar “the business” for spitting a frog in his food.

Sebulba - Twi'lek massage

Here he is enjoying a pre-race massage from his twin Twi’lek slaves, Ann and Tann Gella


Yes, he did own slaves, which we do not condone, but he himself was once a slave back on Malestare. He won his freedom through podracing and went on to a life of fame and fortune. It’s actually quite a touching story…Reminds me of one a long long time ago…In a galaxy far, far away. There was this boy Anakin and his mom, and they were slaves owned by this guy Watto, and the boy won his freedom in a podrace. He then went on to be a famous jedi that turned out to be a big jerk. He didn’t own slaves though. So I guess it’s different, and he should get to be in six movies. Sebulba only gets to be in one.

In any event, the reasons why we love Sebulba:

  • Overcame slavery and poverty and earned the respect of the galaxy
  • He gave Jar-Jar “the business”
  • Made an innovation that would drastically improve Nascar’s ratings
  • Walking on your arms is tough, you can’t do it


Sebulba had that intergalactic swagger, that I’m too good for a last name kind of fame, he was like Bono, Sting, Madonna, and Seal, but bigger because they’re only famous on Earth! He may have been belligerent, aggressive, and flat out bad, but, we love Sebulba!!!



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