Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC Characters Announced

An unveil trailer for the DLC characters has been released for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is scheduled for release in September.

Wait what?! DLC Characters before the game is released! Oh brother! Don’t sweat it though the characters; Michelle, Ancient Ogre, Angel and Kunimitsu are being offered up as pre-order incentive. However, sometime after the game is released the characters will be made available for everyone who purchases the game, absolutely free!

This raises the question though, if the characters are going to be ready on release day, and they are going to be free, then why aren’t they just on the disc?! No one can answer that, but, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has stated in the past “I see the characters and their move sets as chess pieces – they are essential items necessary in the game and we would never sell any of those individually.” I personally love this philosophy and I hope other game developers start thinking this way.

So, with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it may be frustrating that you have to wait to get these characters, but at least they are free! Free DLC is awesome! If it really bothers you could always just go pre-order it. You got nothing to lose.

Check out this video of them in action:
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