Semi-Homemade Zelda Triforce Cookies

Check out this super simple tutorial for these tasty nerdy treats!

Chocolate Covered Baby Groot in Oreo Dirt

WE… Are… Groot.
So, we all felt that heartache when “I am Groot” became “We are Groot”. When poor, sweet groot became no more in order to save his new friends. But then, the emotional roller coaster had us back up with Rocket carrying around a re-growing baby Groot in a flower pot. Here’s a tasty way to have your own baby Groot!

Blackberry Lemon Cupcakes

Geek Bites: Blackberry Lemon Cupcakes

With the Holidays coming up I’ve decided to take a break from the geeky recipes. For the next few weeks I’ll be giving you some recipes for my favorite baked goods. To start off I’m making my favorite cupcake that I’ve come up with so far, blackberry lemon cupcakes.

Andi and Shannon

Geek Bites: A Little Bite of My Life Pt. 2

So to continue my story, my dad had been working in PA for a while and when my brother graduated he wanted to move closer to his job. Since we were living together at the time we planned on moving out there with him. We started making arrangements and found an apartment. Rob was able to transfer and I was going to as well, but I got fired from GameStop a month before we moved for ridiculous/untrue reasons (New DM had been cleaning house).

Geek Bites: It's a minty weed wonderland!

Now I’ve never actually watched Weeds, but I’ve heard good things about it. I also wanted to do something simple, so we’ve taken our favorite brownie recipe at home and bumped it up a bit. So today you get a play on pot brownies, which is fitting for the show since there’s drugs and a bakery!


Geek Bites: Sweet Macros

This week you’re going to get a closer look at my photography, and some sweets! Macro photography is a form of close up photography that shows details you might not normally see. The subject is usually small, with popular subjects being insects and plants. Today I’ve grabbed all the candy I could find in my home and taken photos for your viewing pleasure.

Aiden and Me

Geek Bites: A Little Bite of My Life Pt. 1

Now that I’ve been with the site for a few weeks I think it’s about time you learned a little bit more about me. You might not really care about my life, but it does revolve a lot around gaming.


Geek Bites: These Meatballs Are The Bob-omb!

Mario is an icon in the geek/nerd universe, but what about all his enemies? Those poor guys don’t get much credit. So what better way to show our appreciation for a Super Mario character than with an Italian meal? So today we’re making Bob-omb meatballs!

Finn Pancake

Geek Bites: Adventure Time Pancakes

Being an “artist”, I like to get creative. I want to bring you more than just nerdy recipes, so I’ve decided to give you some pancake art once a month.

Breaking Bad Cupcakes

Geek Bites: It’s Crystal Blue, Yo!

Like many, I have been sucked into Breaking Bad. I haven’t seen every episode but I’m always caught up, thanks to my husband. The show uses rock candy for the blue crystal meth so it’s not hard to make a cupcake that’s almost the real thing.

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