Geek Bites: A Little Bite of My Life Pt. 2

My apologies for this not being up last week, we lost power due to the hurricane and had to stay with family all week. If you missed part one of the story, it’s right here.

So to continue my story, my dad had been working in PA for a while and when my brother graduated he wanted to move closer to his job. Since we were living together at the time we planned on moving out there with him. We started making arrangements and found an apartment. Rob was able to transfer and I was going to as well, but I got fired from GameStop a month before we moved for ridiculous/untrue reasons (New DM had been cleaning house). At the end of September 2010 we moved into our new apartment. For the next year things were going very well. The amount of gaming we did started to increase again since Aiden didn’t need attention 24/7.

Rob and I still played WoW on and off, we went through various PS3 games. Aiden got better at games as well. He currently plays Rayman Origins, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and various other games and demos. He’s also better than I am at practically any console game, but back to my story. I was really excited for Star Wars the Old Republic to come out. It released in December of last year…. But wait, something happened before that. Another pregnancy!

Pregnant Shannon

I got pregnant in August 2011 and this time around my body was not happy. I had morning sickness all the time for the first trimester. This hindered my game playing since I stayed in bed most of the day, but luckily it ended in time to start playing SWTOR. Rob and I played a lot together and it was also a game I could play on my own at any time. With WoW I get bored pretty easily, but I just found SWTOR easier and more entertaining. Time passed, I got my main to level 50 and I started to play less. That was probably a good thing though, because May 6th of 2012 our baby girl Andraia “Andi” was born.

Baby Andraia

I tried to keep playing but I pretty much had to stop any gaming after she was born. Between feeding the baby, changing diapers, healing up and doing housework there wasn’t much time to do anything else. I went back to work in the middle of July and things got a little easier with Andi getting a little older, though I still didn’t really have any time to play games, plus there wasn’t anything I was interested in at the time. Now Andi is just short of 6 months. She’s almost crawling and she can sit up so it’s easier for her to keep entertained. I can leave her on the floor to play while Aiden plays video games or with his toys. I can now play games again occasionally. Rob and I got back into WoW but I might have to stop soon for financial reasons. We’ll be getting Halo 4 at some point. I’ve also been exercising my brain with, they aren’t the video games you guys would probably like, but I feel like I have a clearer mind. We’re also looking into the Wii U because Aiden loved the demo unit at the mall. Speaking of Aiden and games, the potty training has gotten a lot better thanks to my method.

Andi & Aiden

As you can see, video games have been a huge part of my life. They sparked my relationship, helped me through two pregnancies, and helped me potty train my son. I will continue to play games and let my children play games. You should think about what video games have gotten you through or how big of an impact they are in your life; I’d like to hear your stories too.

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