I’m a day late, but it’s alright the news is still here. So there’s a lot of Movie and TV based comic news this week, but first let’s talk about some of the straight up comic book stuff happening.

Weekly Comic Wrap-up May 5, 2014

Not a ton of news worthy moments this week in comics, but some of the stuff that did happen is pretty cool. It was honestly just a great nerd weekend, Amazing Spider-Man 2 released on Friday (or Thursday), Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, and Sunday was Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you!).

Weekly Comic Wrap-up April 28, 2014

It’s time again for this weeks wrap-up of comicbook news! Little more than last week, though some of it is just as much Hollywood news as comic. Before that though, I’m going to plug the One-Quest Kickstarter, we’ve got 27 more days to make $925 so every dollar and share helps!

Weekly Comic Wrap-up April 21, 2014

Crazy to think it’s already been a week, but there’s more comic news to discuss. Before we get to that though, just a few site related things to cover. First we had an awesome time this past weekend at South Jersey Geek Fest and our first Podcast should be available by the time you’re reading this, which was recorded live at Geek Fest. Second if you’ve got the time and a dollar or two to spare we’re still looking for help with our Kickstarter. Even if you can’t help by donating please share the link on your Facebook or Twitter, not only does every dollar count, but so does ever share and retweet.

Weekly Comic Wrap-up April 14, 2014

Welcome to a brand new weekly article I’m going to be doing. Drootin’s been doing The Week In Gaming for nearly a year now, and it’s about time we start talking up some of the news in other mediums! That’s what we’ve got here, Weekly Comic Wrap-up may not have a fancy acronym like T.W.I.G, but hopefully the content is just a relevant to you, the readers.

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