Weekly Comic Wrap-up April 21, 2014


Crazy to think it’s already been a week, but there’s more comic news to discuss. Before we get to that though, just a few site related things to cover. First we had an awesome time this past weekend at South Jersey Geek Fest and our first Podcast should be available by the time you’re reading this, which was recorded live at Geek Fest. Second if you’ve got the time and a dollar or two to spare we’re still looking for help with our Kickstarter. Even if you can’t help by donating please share the link on your Facebook or Twitter, not only does every dollar count, but so does ever share and retweet.

Enough about that stuff, lets get to the news, as I mentioned last week I’m going to try out a few different formats to see what works best, this week is going to be more in line with what Drootin does over at T.W.I.G.

The News

There’s not a lot that jumped out at me this week, so it’s a bit short!

  • Grayson Launches in July – This kind of spoils the outcome of Forever Evil, but we now know that Dick Grayson survives, but can no longer be Nightwing. So what’s a young man who’s spent most of his life fighting crime to do? Become a world class secret agent of course! Yep, Dick is hanging up the super hero tights to become a spy. Personally I’m a big Nightwing fan, so I’m just glad they didn’t try and do something drastic and kill him, and at least this path seems interesting and could have some great stories considering his reformed orgin in The New 52 continuity. As I mentioned at the top though, this story spoiled the ending of Forever Evil, which probably wouldn’t have mattered if the book wasn’t delayed by months!
  • grayson

  • More DC Reboots – I guess I might as well continue with DC stuff. Along with Grayson launching this summer, DC announced that Teen Titans and Suicide Squad would also relaunch with new number 1’s. I haven’t read any of Suicide Squad so I’m not sure what the story is there, but Teen Titans is wrapping up only to be relaunched, with the same cast of characters, and I can only assume continuing the story that’s been building for almost the entire run. This to me feels a little sloppy, and like just a way to grab better numbers with a fancy new number 1 on the cover. I guess it works for Marvel so DC is giving it a shot too.
  • teen-titans_1 NewSuicideSquad_1
  • The Era of Superior Spider-Man Is Over – After 31 issues of crazy stories featuring the mind of Doc Ock in the body of Peter Parker, Superior Spider-Man is no more. If you’ve somehow missed all the news about this, Pete is back in control, and on April 30, 2014 Amazing Spider-Man Volume 3 will be starting up. As someone who really enjoyed Superior I’m a little sad to see it go, but at the same time I’m glad to have the one true Spider-Man back to spinning webs throughout New York City.

    I know, this wasn’t really news, but I wanted to say something about it anyway!

  • superiorspiderman31

Comics To Watch On April 23, 2014

  • Batman Eternal #3 – While the cost of buying a weekly series is a little much, so far Batman Eternal has been really interesting, and doesn’t focus on Batman much at all.
  • Justice League United #0 – More out of curiosity than anything else is this book on the list. Forever Evil isn’t even over yet, because as I mentioned earlier, it’s had all kinds of delays. It makes you wonder what kind of problems this book will have, since it’s spinning out of an unfinished story line. At least Jeff Lemire isn’t getting to write more Buddy Baker (Animal Man)
  • Secret Origins #1 – I’ve had more than one dicussion about the character Origins in the New 52, particularly with members of the Bat-Family. This book could be a great way to really straighten out all the inconsistent plots and time frames.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #33 – This is just an amazing book, and issue #33 takes the Turtles back to NYC for the start of the next big arc. Makes it a great jumping on point for new readers!
  • The Walking Dead #126 – Unlike TMNT, probably not the best jumping on point, but it is the conclusion of the massive All Out War storyline. Some day I may even catch up to that. . .
  • Original Sin #0 – I’m always weary of Comicbook crossovers, Original Sin sounds interesting at least, and Jason Aaron does a pretty awesome job. Of course this is the prelude to the series and is written by Mark Waid. Luckily he’s also known for great work so I’ll be checking it out at least.
  • Uncanny Avengers #19 – Uncanny Avengers has been one hell of a ride, it’s had some delays here and there, but the story has been so good it’s worth the wait.
  • Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Helsing #1 – A brand new series from Zenescope featuring one of their breakout characters from last years Unleashed. This should be worth checking out as Pat Shand does what he does best and fleshes out a new character just like his hit Robyn Hood series.
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