Weekly Comic Wrap-up April 28, 2014


It’s time again for this weeks wrap-up of comicbook news! Little more than last week, though some of it is just as much Hollywood news as comic. Before that though, I’m going to plug the One-Quest Kickstarter, we’ve got 27 more days to make $925 so every dollar and share helps!

The News

  • Comixology App Changes – This is probably the biggest news of the week, after being aquired by Amazon a few weeks ago, Comixology has updated their iOS and Android apps. Unfortunately for some (mainly Apple and Google), the update makes it so the operating system creators don’t get any cut of the sales via the app. On iOS they’ve completely removed the function to purchase in-app. Now you have to navigate to a separate website to make your purchases, this has a lot of fans ready to quit Comixology forever, while others are realizing that it actually should benefit the creators by leaving a larger percentage to go back to them. The Android app on the other hand, while getting updated still allows in-app purchases, they just no longer go through Google, so there goes their cut as well. Personally I’m all for this, more potential money for creators means more potential books from them! We just need some confirmation as to where that extra money is going.
  • The Death of Wolverine – If you listen to this weeks PodQuest, you’ll hear us talk about this briefly, but basically Marvel is planning on killing Wolverine. We don’t know how, but if you’ve been reading any book with the famous mutant, you know he’s lost his healing factor and is 100% killable. All of this is a bit old news though, the actual interesting part now is that in September Charles Soule and Steve McNiven are going to be the creators behind the wheel. Taking Logan on his ‘final’ ride, in a weekly 4 issue series called, wait for it. . . Death of Wolverine. These are comics though, so until he’s dead I don’t believe anything, and even afterwards we can pretty much guarantee he’ll return within a year. We can only hope that Marvel goes the unexpected route and keeps him gone a bit longer, unfortunately with more X-Men movies already set for production in the next few years that’s unlikely.
  • Marvel C2E2 News – This is getting lumped together, but it’s mostly pretty cool stuff. Marvel teased a new event for the fall called AXIS featuring the Avengers ‘A’ and X-Men ‘X’ in the logo. So this could be a follow up to Avengers Vs. X-Men, or something new where the two teams, team-up. It would be nice to get all the heroes on the same level fighting for the same goals again. And with the crazy stuff happening in the MCU right now, there are plenty of major changes that could happen to make the groups come together.

    Marvel also shed some light on their 100th Anniversary specials, which obviously isn’t really a 100th anniversary, but is a look to 47 years in the future. Well the publishing future, as we see how characters like the X-Men and Spider-Man may be written 47 years from now. It’s a cool concept, and could lead to an interesting alternate universe set of stories.

  • Justice League Movie – Originally I was going to talk about the casting of Cyborg in the Man of Steel sequel, but now that it’s official that Justice League is coming after the sequel, well what’s the point. Zack Snyder is already attached to direct, so at least we’ll hopefully get a sense of continuity, but there are plenty of problems that could prevent this film from being awesome. They’re really jamming characters into Man of Steel 2 at this point, and that can lead to a poorly fleshed out story for that film, and under developed characters for the next. There’s also the dilemma of Justice League mainstays like Flash, Green Lantern and Green Arrow all of which have current incarnations audiences may be familiar with. Now the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern probably won’t be making a return to the big screen, but hopefully WB and DC are planning to incorporate the CW versions of Flash and Green Arrow into the films to keep it cohesive and draw in fans of the TV series’. Obviously we’re going to have to wait and see, and the way they handle the characters in Man of Steel 2 will factor hugely into it.
  • Thanos – Finally, and probably least of all, Marvel revealed they’ve cast an actor to play Thanos, but they’re not tell us who…So that’s cool of them. Hopefully we find out by this summers Guardians of the Galaxy, since the Mad Titan is supposed to play a minor role (maybe cameo) in the film.

Comics To Watch On April 30, 2014

  • Ghostbuster #15 – Ghostbusters has been such a fun book, and really captures the feel of the movies perfectly. If you haven’t read this book yet, stop delaying already!
  • Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Pete’s back as Spider-Man and the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man has such much going on to look forward to if you don’t read it you’re missing a lot.

That’s it for this week, in the mean time let us know what comics you’re most looking forward to!

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