E3 Ubisoft Press Conference

Ubisoft takes up the 3rd press conference of the day!

This one starts at 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM EST. Maybe we’ll see some new Assassin’s Creed footage, more Rayman and the Raving Rabbids, and… aw, who cares, MORE ASSASSIN’S CREED!

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Microsoft on Monday, June 4th at 9:30 AM PDT, 12:30 PM EST.
EA on Monday, June 4th at 1:00 PM PDT, 4:00 PM EST.
Sony on Monday, June 4th at 6:00 PM PDT, 9:00 PM EST.
Nintendo on Tuesday, June 5th at 9:00 AM PDT, 12:00 PM EST.


07:23pm by Eric

Creepy black chick and annoying man have left the stage. I am blown away!

Ubisoft knocked it out of the park! WatchDogs looks phenomenal, I cannot wait to see more of this. Of course Assassin’s Creed III is a must get. I am totally stoked for the WiiU titles like Rayman Legends. Splinter Cell Blacklist still looks great. Yeah, I’m impressed by this one.

Let’s hope Sony can be just as awesome in about 2 hours!

07:19pm by Eric

The crowd seems to love it! Understandable, it looks so cool!

07:19pm by Eric

The game kicks into multiplayer to help protect the player we’ve been following. Game name is Watch Dogs.

07:18pm by Eric

You can hack into cell phones, disrupt electronics. The player hacked into some traffic light to turn them all green and cause an accident.

07:18pm by Chris

Sorry we had some technical difficulties. But regardless this game which I’m assuming is called CTos looks pretty cool, not 100% original game play but the story is looking to more than make up for that.

07:17pm by Eric

OK, this game looks pretty awesome!

07:08pm by Chris

I have no idea what’s going on, but it sounds awesome!

07:08pm by Eric

Impressive trailer about hacking, and such. ctOS is the game I believe.

07:05pm by Eric

Yves Guillemont takes the stage to talk the future of UbiSoft and some revolutionary new product.

07:03pm by Eric

Now a trailer showing off Ubisoft’s Online platforms.

07:01pm by Eric

Yeah, i won’t be getting Shootmania.

07:00pm by Eric

This game looks incredibly generic.

06:57pm by Eric

I care so little about these people… Just show me the damn game.

06:56pm by Eric

Oh yay… ladies.

06:55pm by Eric

Shootmania is Ubisofts foray into the E-Sports genre.

06:54pm by Eric

Ubisoft is taking part in some E-Sports.

06:53pm by Walnut

He even has Heeles… douche

06:52pm by Eric

Now an epic closing trailer!

06:51pm by Eric

Annoying guy comes to ask another dumb question.

06:51pm by Walnut


06:50pm by Eric

Ok, I’ll be back. I need to go preorder this now!

06:50pm by Eric

Conner shoots a shed of gun powder to draw away some guards and scare the Templar Leader! Then leaps in for a kill with his musket!

06:49pm by Walnut

Depth of snow matters, you move slower in more snow

06:48pm by Eric

Aerial kill FTW!

06:48pm by Eric

Conner grabs a guy with a rope and hangs him, before moving in to kill 8 other British soldiers!

06:48pm by Chris

Human shields to deal with guns…fantastic!

06:47pm by Eric

Horses are back!

06:46pm by Walnut

Real sidequests

06:46pm by Eric

Conner enters a camp, and is given a quest while turning others in.

06:45pm by Walnut

Your hidden blade doubles as a dagger

06:45pm by Eric

ACIII is being shown on a PS3.

06:45pm by Chris

Amazing details with the blood trails in the now from the deer and wolves.

06:45pm by Eric

Tree climbing looks superb, and very fluid. Now Conner is being hunted by wolves.

06:44pm by Walnut

Free running on trees

06:44pm by Eric

Live Gameplay! It looks beautiful!

06:43pm by Walnut


06:42pm by Eric

Conner kills a British Templar, among many other British soldiers! It was awesome!

06:42pm by Walnut

I need to get changed icon smile

06:42pm by Chris

This is one of the prettiest trailers I’ve ever seen. And totally epic!

06:41pm by Walnut

Tomahawk and dagger, where is the hidden blade?

06:39pm by Eric

Assassin’s Creed III Trailer begins to play.

06:39pm by Walnut

AC 3 Trailer

06:39pm by Chris


06:39pm by Eric


06:38pm by Walnut

MORE RABBIDS!!!!!!!!!!

06:38pm by Eric

A trailer of Upcoming titles for WiiU.

06:37pm by Eric

ZombiU for WiiU, looks interesting. Wish we saw gameplay… Hopefully the whole U thing doesn’t take off with every developer…

06:37pm by Chris

I was a little nervous about the graphics on Wii U, if this is what game play will look like, we have nothing to be worried about.

06:37pm by Walnut

Zombiu? looks pretty cool

06:36pm by Chris

Zombies? Yes Please!

06:35pm by Eric

Looks like this takes place in England, and should be fairly graphic. icon smile  ON WiiU!

06:35pm by Eric

M rated survival horror shooter on WiiU! icon smile

06:34pm by Eric

That was pretty awesome!

06:33pm by Eric

In this segment Murphy controls the music with some rhythmic gameplay. Pretty awesome!

06:32pm by Eric

Murphy looks to help the other players get through traps. Now for some real gameplay without interruptions.

06:31pm by Eric

Murphy has a completely different move set then Rayman. Rayman legends will have co-op with up to 5 players at 1 time.

06:31pm by Walnut

5 Players simultaneous

06:30pm by Eric

Player using the WiiU Gamepad will always control Murphy. A flying frog guy…

06:28pm by Walnut


06:28pm by Eric

Now talking WiiU! And RAYMAN!

06:28pm by Chris

Speaking of Wii U

06:28pm by Walnut

Massave battle in NYC, Wolverine vs Venom, Spiderman and Storm Vs Magneto

06:27pm by Chris

Maybe the Wii U version will be worth while!

06:27pm by Eric

All CG, no gameplay… depressing.

06:27pm by Chris

This game would be so much cooler if it wasn’t a Kinect game

06:26pm by Eric

AVENGERS: Battle for Earth! Saddly it’s a Kinect game…

06:26pm by Eric

I still really miss Michael Ironside. And this lady is fucking creepy…

06:25pm by Eric

Sam shows off a ton of cool moves!

06:24pm by Walnut

I believe earlier predictions of this being a prequel may be true

06:24pm by Eric

Now playing the first trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

06:23pm by Walnut

Release trailer, “Welcome to 4th echelon”

06:23pm by Eric

Guy with accent mumbles a lot.

06:22pm by Chris

More Splinter Cell! We saw some at the Microsoft Conference earlier but this should be good.

06:22pm by Eric

Finish off with a trailer that made FarCry look even more awesome. Now on to some Splinter Cell!!!

06:22pm by Walnut

The Openness of the world kind of reminds me of Just Cause

06:21pm by Eric

That annoying guy is back. I hate him already.

06:20pm by Eric

Voss tells the player to shoot, as the trigger is pulled he appears to be someone else. Looks really cool!

06:19pm by Eric

Player get’s stabbed, then fades to white. Wakes up in tripy world.

06:18pm by Eric

The guy playing loves the knife kills, he’s not so great at the gun play part.

06:17pm by Walnut

Why does no one ever die in e3 demos?

06:17pm by Eric

Now in a burining building, a trap set by Voss?

06:16pm by Eric

Arrow shot into jumping knife kill. Pretty awesome!

06:16pm by Eric

Really quick knife kills, now followed by drawing a bow and arrow.

06:15pm by Eric

Stealth kill from the water, complete with awesome knife.

06:15pm by Eric

This game looks so good! It’s running on PS3 btw.

06:14pm by Walnut

It looks really nice!!!

06:13pm by Walnut

Sexy jungle lady!!!

06:12pm by Eric

Looks like a continuation from last years E3 trailer.

06:12pm by Walnut

Far Cry 3 hmmm lets see this

06:12pm by Eric

Open World set on a Tropical island… WOOOOOO! FarCry 3!

06:12pm by Walnut

Life, Power, Play… Motion focus for the next year?

06:11pm by Eric

Life Powered Play… weird.

06:10pm by Walnut

I’m sorry whos this guy?

06:10pm by Eric

Some goofy guy Toby joins by video… I don’t like him.

06:09pm by Eric

It was Flo Rider, singing his single… whatever it is. Just Dance is the #1 dance game in the world.

06:09pm by Walnut

Kinda wanna get Just dance, Wild Wild West!!!

06:07pm by Eric

Dance battle mode, and some random rapper takes the stage…

06:06pm by Eric

Looks like a new Just Dance game. OOOOOOOOOO Wild Wild West!

06:06pm by Eric

Opens with Dancers on stage!

is not a boss.

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