E3 EA Press Conference

Next up in the E3 coverage is EA at 1:00 PM PDT, 4:00 PM EST.

We’re not really sure what to expect with this one. Most likely more Medal of Honor and Battlefield updates, as well as the announcement of a Battlefield “ELITE” type service. Let’s hope there’s actually something interesting here…

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Microsoft on Monday, June 4th at 9:30 AM PDT, 12:30 PM EST.
Ubisoft on Monday, June 4th at 3:00 PM PDT, 6:00 PM EST.
Sony on Monday, June 4th at 6:00 PM PDT, 9:00 PM EST.
Nintendo on Tuesday, June 5th at 9:00 AM PDT, 12:00 PM EST.


05:05pm by Chris

EA Press Conference is all done, and it was a pretty good show. They have a great mix of games for people to get hyped for.

05:04pm by Chris

Crysis 3 will be here in Feb. That’s to far.

05:03pm by Chris

I really don’t know what else to say other than this game looks amazing.

05:00pm by Chris

Crysis demo looks just as amazing as you would expect.

04:59pm by Chris

Crytex is up now

04:56pm by Chris

First racing game since Burnout 3 I’m interested in.

04:54pm by Chris

It’s gonna be like one big racing MMO!

04:54pm by Chris

New Need for Speed looks pretty cool

04:53pm by Chris

Looks like I spoke to soon, this is definitely not a UFC trailer.

04:52pm by Chris

Here comes the UFC Trailer

04:50pm by Chris

Was that real footage or gameplay of UFC?

04:49pm by Chris

First Fifa 13 trailer is looking pretty good.

04:48pm by Eric

I find it silly that EA showed off Madden and FIFA at Microsoft’s press conference…

04:47pm by Chris

I don’t know much about Soccer, but the way this guy talks about it and the way it looks, I’m kind of interested.

04:42pm by Eric

Now back to EA Sports. Now talking about Madden Social, on Facebook and SmartPhones.

04:40pm by Chris

Elite military groups from around the world are playable in the new Medal of Honor, that’s pretty cool.

04:39pm by Eric

Release Date is October 23, 2012. Medal of Honor: WarFighter

04:35pm by Chris

This is what Black Ops 2 should have looked like!

04:33pm by Eric

The game looks beautiful, running of the Frostbite 2 Engine. They appear to be playing on the X-Box.

04:33pm by Chris

Graphics are amazing, lets hope the gameplay is too

04:33pm by Eric

Game play demo for Medal of Honor begins.

04:32pm by Chris

Time for Medal of Honor

04:32pm by Eric

Now time for a Medal of Honor announcement!

04:31pm by Chris

Old Republic – Free to play to level 15 in July? That’s awesome!

04:31pm by Eric

Trailer shows off new content to come to the MMO.

04:31pm by Eric

The Old Republic is free to play, up to level 15.

04:31pm by Chris

Old Republic more difficulty modes and more PVP, raised level caps, new planets, and so much more. I need a new PC just for this game.

04:28pm by Eric

StarWars music plays as BioWare takes the stage!

04:28pm by Chris

STAR WARS! And their Video Game Masters, BIOWARE

04:27pm by Eric

Those who sign up get exclusive content on PS3 for 1 week… still dumb.

04:27pm by Chris

It’s nice to see PS3 getting something first for a change.

04:25pm by Eric

Battlefield 3 Premieum is announced… CoD Elite has a competitor…

04:25pm by Chris

Battlefield 3 Premium – Pay to play your game and get some stuff…no thanks

04:24pm by Eric

Battlefield 3 devs take the stage now.

04:23pm by Chris

Feb. 2013 we’ll be able to get our hands on the newest multiplayer Sim City

04:22pm by Chris

If you love games like Crysis on your PC than this probably isn’t for you. But if you loved old Sim City games and want to play a whole world worth of Sim Cities then this is totally worth checking out and I’m sure some of us at One-Quest will be picking it up.

04:22pm by Eric

First SimCity to incorporate multiplayer.

04:21pm by Eric

Trailer for a new full SimCity title plays. It looks great.

04:20pm by Chris

When will they bring back Sim Ant? I want to make a colony again!

04:19pm by Chris

Facebook games, aren’t my thing, but man do they draw in a huge audience.

04:18pm by Eric

Maxis takes the stage to talk about SimCity Social, on Facebook.

04:17pm by Chris

Madden now has RPG elements? Hmmm this may draw in a whole new group of gamers. And the new engine is looking really cool. Overall this is looking to be a really nice football game.

04:16pm by Eric

Career mode lets you play as a new rookie, legend, or even John Madden.

04:16pm by Chris

We saw some Madden at the Microsoft conference earlier, it was all about Kinect now we’re gonna see some of the amazing graphics and realism this franchise is known for!

04:14pm by Eric

New Engine makes the game more realistic.

04:11pm by Chris

I never played Dead Space, but they always looked really cool and number 3 is no exception

04:11pm by Eric

Looks like a Madden trailer is next.

04:11pm by Eric

Overall it looks fantastic!

04:10pm by Eric

The only thing I don’t love is that they’ve amped up the action. I preferred the tense feeling from the original…

04:09pm by Eric

The outdoor environments looks spectacular!

04:06pm by Eric

Game play demo for Dead Space 3 begins. It’s Co-op!

04:05pm by Eric

Bigger monsters, and outdoor environments are showcased!

04:04pm by Eric

Visceral Studios showing off a trailer for Dead Space 3! Looks really awesome!

04:03pm by Eric

10 devs to show off 10 different games!

04:02pm by Eric

Opening trailer showing off a whole bunch of upcoming games by EA like Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, and Sims Social.

03:54pm by Eric

EA Press conference starts in about 5 minutes! Who else is psyched!?


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