E3 Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo has Tuesday all to itself, for the most part… It just has to compete with the actual show floor.

Nintendo’s conference starts at 9:00 AM PDT, 12:00 PM EST, Tuesday, June 5th. We’re hoping for a release date a pricing info for the WiiU, as well as a display on all us it’s updated functionality! We’re secretly anticipating a 3DS redesign to be announced, but we’re not going to hold our breath for one.
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Microsoft on Monday, June 4th at 9:30 AM PDT, 12:30 PM EST.
EA on Monday, June 4th at 1:00 PM PDT, 4:00 PM EST.
Ubisoft on Monday, June 4th at 3:00 PM PDT, 6:00 PM EST.
Sony on Monday, June 4th at 6:00 PM PDT, 9:00 PM EST.

01:36pm by Eric

Nintendo said they would not be releasing Pricing info or a Release date at E3. I would expect a date and price at Tokyo Game Show, or if we’re lucky, GamesCom.

I do agree that it would be nice to know, at least we were (supposed to be) aware of this ahead of time.

01:33pm by Drootin

I will add 1 final comment to this, where was the pricing for the system and the controller? We need to know that.

01:28pm by Eric

Nintendo Concludes the conference by stating that there is a lot more to see on the show floor, and in an online after show.

I found the Presentation impressive, but not a blow away like some of the other conferences. It’s really nice to see some core 3rd party support, and the games they’ll be offering for the WiiU. ZombiU, and Arkham City Armored Edition look very promising, as do the 1st party WiiU titles like New Super Mario Bros. U.

3DS took a back seat in favor for it’s own show being broadcast online tomorrow at 6PM PST at E3.Nintendo.com. I will be watching and live blogging that one too! What was shown on for 3DS was New Super Mario Bros. 2, which looks like a ton of fun, and Luigi’s Mansion! Both due out by the end of the year! And Pikmin3 looks like a must have! I’m really excited for this one!

It’s nice to see the casual and fitness games are still a big focus for Nintendo, hate them if you want, these games sell! Since Sony and Microsoft sort of tucked these genre’s under the rug, it’s bound to help WiiU make some money.

Overall, I’m really happy with Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference. I’m really looking forward to future conventions to see what else Nintendo has in store for us!

01:14pm by Eric

NintendoLand will launch alongside the WiiU! It will not be packed with the WiiU.

01:07pm by Eric

Now we see a trailer for NintendoLand.

01:06pm by Eric

You scare ghosts away with your flashlight, but it has limited battery power, so you need to be resourceful.

01:05pm by Eric

Luigi’s Ghost Mansions is a mini game in NintendoLand. The players travel around a small mansion and look for ghosts.

01:02pm by Eric

NintendoLand looks like a big amusement park, filled with mini games. It’s essentially the Wii Sports of the WiiU.

01:01pm by Eric

It will feature single player and multi-player games.

01:00pm by Eric

NintendoLand has the player’s Mii enter a game, and dress up as character from that game as they play.

12:59pm by Eric

Katsuya Eguchi shows up to talks about NintendoLand. He helped create Animal Crossing, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort.

12:58pm by Eric

NintendoLand. A virtual game park featuring classinc Nintendo characters.

12:57pm by Drootin

Why didnt they show more of Rayman Legends? Origins is really good

12:57pm by Eric

Also from Ubisoft on WiiU: AC3, Rabbids Land, Sports Cnnection, Avengers Battle for Earth, Rayman Legends. Awesome support from Ubisoft!

12:57pm by Chris

We mentioned it yesterday but Ubisoft has some great looking Wii U titles coming for people with all different tastes.

12:56pm by Eric

ZombiU looks like one bad ass WiiU game!

12:56pm by Eric

Zombify mode uses camera on the Gamepad!

12:55pm by Eric

Gamepad will be used to access menus, inventory, as a scanner, radar, aiming device, and more!

12:54pm by Chris

We’re getting more ZombiU now!

12:54pm by Eric

ZombiU is being shown!

12:53pm by Eric

Looks really interesting :-p

12:53pm by Eric

WiiU Gamepad user will choose choreography for the songs being played, while the dancers use WiiMotes to dance.

12:52pm by Chris

Just Dance Wii U featuring Reggie as Puppet Master

12:52pm by Eric

Time to talk some Just Dance 4.

12:51pm by Chris

Really looking forward to seeing more Wii U Ubisoft titles

12:51pm by Eric

Second time someone called WiiU a revolution. :-p

12:50pm by Eric

Yves Guillemont is on stage to hype the WiiU and show off some cool content.

12:50pm by Eric

Here comes some UbiSoft games. Core and Casual titles from them!

12:49pm by Eric

Looks like it will have Easter Eggs for Nintendo fans.

12:48pm by Eric

It’s cool to see LEGO do an original game, without the use of a license. It looks really fun!

12:47pm by Eric

Gamepad will act as a map and communications device. It will also be used to scan environments for clues.

12:46pm by Eric

LEGO City Undercover coming to WiiU.

12:46pm by Chris

Who doesn’t love Lego’s

12:46pm by Eric

Castlevania, Epic Mickey, Scribblenauts, Kingdom Hearts, and more will be shown off during tomorrows 3DS show.

12:45pm by Eric

3rd party titles will be announced tomorrow at E3.nintendo.com at 6pm PST.

12:44pm by Eric

Luigi’s Mansion will be out this Holiday season as well!

12:44pm by Chris

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS available this Holiday season!

12:44pm by Eric

Luigi’s Mansion will see Luigi traveling through multiple mansions to complete different objectives.

12:43pm by Chris

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS the reason I bought my 3DS

12:43pm by Eric

Paper Mario Sticker Star arrives this holiday! Time for Luigi’s Mansion!!!

12:42pm by Eric

Mario collects stickers to use against his enemies.

12:42pm by Eric

Paper Mario Sticker Star announced for 3DS!

12:42pm by Drootin

Now up Paper Mario Sticker Star for 3DS

12:41pm by Eric

Gold Mario shoots fireballs that turn enemies into coins, and has a gold hat that spews out gold coins. Will Debut in the US on Aug 19, 2012.

12:41pm by Chris


12:41pm by Eric

New Super Mario Bros. 2 coming to 3DS! Tons of Gold Coins in this one!

12:40pm by Chris


12:40pm by Eric

3DS is getting it’s own hour long show at E3.nintendo.com tomorrow at 6PM PST.

12:39pm by Eric

Now time for some 3DS news and updates!

12:39pm by Eric

Sing(working title) is the new WiiU music game. Comes with a microphone and displays lyrics on the WiiU Gamepad to free up the TV to show off some fun graphics while you sing!

12:37pm by Eric

Looks like a small Pokewalker/pedometer comes with WiiFitU to count steps and calories while you’re away from your WiiU.

12:36pm by Eric

Buttsurfing is back!

12:34pm by Eric

43 Million copies of Wii Fit and Wii Fit + sold world wide. Now announcing Wii FitU

12:33pm by Eric

Now time for Music and Fitness games… >.<

12:33pm by Eric

Ninja Gaiden also coming to WiiU! As is Aliens Colonial Marines! Looks like some decent core content here!

12:32pm by Eric

Tank Tank Tank looks stupid awesome, and MASS EFFECT 3 on WiiU!!!!

12:31pm by Eric

Yeah, I’m going to get this.

12:30pm by Eric

You can create your own items, and share them with friends, example used was “Automutt.” A car/dog hybrid.

12:30pm by Drootin

It includes item creation and sharing

12:30pm by Eric

Looks like it’s more open world, as opposed to level/mission based.

12:29pm by Drootin

Nintendo now unveiling a new Scribblenauts for the WiiU!

12:29pm by Eric


12:28pm by Eric

The entire upgrade screen will be on the WiiU Gamepad Touchscreen, freeing up the TV.

12:28pm by Chris

Arkham City Armored Edition for Wii U looks great and has some cool features while using the Wii U Gamepad

12:28pm by Eric

Batman will select gadgets using the WiiU Gamepad touchscreen, instead of pulling up a separate menu.

12:27pm by Eric

BAT meter will fill up, once full WiiU Gamepad will be used to active BAT mode, and make batman stronger.

12:26pm by Eric

WiiU Gamepad is used to solve puzzles, and hack consoles in Arkham City. Catwoman and Batman will be able to wear Armor throughout the entire game.

12:25pm by Drootin

Arkham City: Armored Editon is a specially designed version of the game for the WiiU

12:24pm by Eric

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition announced for WiiU, with Harley Quinn talking about the game.

12:23pm by Eric

4 Players can use Wii Motes to play as characters, and 1 use WiiU Gamepad will help with puzzles.

12:23pm by Chris

All the fun features that drew people into New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii and DS are there

12:23pm by Chris

New Super Mario Bros. U looks great

12:23pm by Drootin

A new power-up was shown of a skydiving-style wing-suit

12:22pm by Eric

Looks like up to 4 player co-op and fat Yoshi is in it.

12:22pm by Eric

New Super Mario Bros. U uses MiiVerse to share tips and hints with other players.

12:21pm by Drootin

Nintendo announces New Super Mario Bros. U that includes MiiVerse integration

12:21pm by Eric

MiiVerse allows you to share info with your friends in the form of texts and pictures.

12:20pm by Chris

I’m not really a huge social gaming person, but MiiVerse looks really cool.

12:20pm by Eric

The MiiVerse is the WiiU’s home screen.

12:18pm by Eric

Now time to hear more about MiiVerse

12:17pm by Chris

Voice and Video chat built into the Wii U Gamepad

12:16pm by Eric

Trailer showing off the WiiU Gamepad.

12:16pm by Eric

Wii U will support 2 WiiU Gamepads at 1 time. The show will only show off 1 Gamepad games.

12:16pm by Chris

Asymetric gameplay you say…sounds interesting! Also Wii U will support 2 Gamepads!

12:15pm by Eric

Nintendo Direct showed off the WiiU on Sunday, part of Nintendo E3 All Access.

12:14pm by Eric

E3.Nintendo.com will give you more info on Nintendo’s E3 showcase.

12:13pm by Eric

WiiU will get Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.

12:13pm by Eric

WiiU changes gaming, How we interact with friends, and how we use out TVs. It will revolutionize the Living room.

12:13pm by Chris

Wii U – 3 things, Changes gaming, Changes social interaction, Changes how you enjoy TV

12:12pm by Eric

Presentation is all about the games! 23 different games today!

12:11pm by Chris

23 Wii U Titles on stage today!

12:11pm by Eric

Now Reggie takes the stage to be all kinds of awesome!

12:11pm by Chris

Here comes Reggie!

12:10pm by Eric

Miyamoto just showed off the new Pikmin3. It looks beautiful and super fun!

12:10pm by Chris

Pikmin 3 for the Wii U looks fantastic and lots of fun!

12:06pm by Chris

Miyamoto showing off the Wii U game pad, it looks slick as hell in black.

12:05pm by Eric

Shiguery Miyamoto takes the stage and it’s awesome! Messing around with Pikman.

11:59am by Chris

Nintendo Press Conference starting in just a few moments!


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