Friday Five: X-Men

Welcome to the newest edition of the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know us a little better, with the help of the ancient art of a Top 5 list!  This week we unite our own teams of X-Men to honor the AvX event running through marvel right now!


There are so many mutants! Like, really, the wiki of known Marvel mutants goes on FOREVER! Check it out! But that’s what makes the X-Men so awesome. There’s a whole culture of individuals with unique abilities, and somehow they come together to fight the good fight. Or the bad one, depending on which old guy you think is cooler. They’ve gone through a lot of changes, and deaths, over the years, so here’s hoping we can all come up with some really cool lists of X-Men! Also check out last weeks Friday Five where we Assembled our own teams of Avengers! And don’t forget to leave your own X-Men team in the comments at the bottom!


I really like the X-Men, I have since I was a kid. The 90’s cartoon was great, so was X-Men Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men. Prior to really getting into comics they were one of the few families of comics I would randomly buy and get completely lost reading because I had no context to go along with it. Now I pick up a few of the core books, and plan on getting trades for some of the older storylines that I really want to go back and read.

  1. Gambit – He was always a fun character in the cartoons, unfortunately for me I started reading X-Comics a little late and now the only book he’s really in is X-Men Legacy which isn’t one I usually pick up. Still there is hope this summer the new Gambit series is starting so hopefully that’s good.
  2. Shadowcat – Ultimate Comics X-Men was the second series I really read from start to finish (it was over by the time I got to it) and Kitty was a fun character in those and has continued to be interesting in the other Ultimate books. Her 616 counter-part is a little less familiar but still a fun character in Wolverine and the X-Men.
  3. Iceman – Go back and check out our Characters We Love article on Iceman and you’ll see just some of the reasons he’s badass. That and go read Wolverine and the X-Men he’s great in that.
  4. Jean Grey – More the Ultimate version then 616 since she’s mostly dead in 616. Ultimate Jean was a pretty bad ass character and still is the few times you see her in Ultimate Comics X-Men.
  5. Wolverine – It’s a little cliché but he is the best there is at what he does, and what he does best isn’t very nice.


The Ragin' Cajun!


I love the X-Men, of all the comics out there the X-Men are definitely on the top of my list. So picking a top 5 list of X-Men is pretty rough but here we go


  1. Wolverine – Like Cobb said, probably a little cliché but you know what, he’s the effing best. Great powers, a complete badass, and won’t hesitate to rip you to shreds with his claws.
  2. Gambit – He was easily my favorite character from the cartoon. Loved the cajun accent and his power to make any object into an explosive is pretty darn awesome.
  3. Nightcrawler – Quite possibly my favorite character in the arcade game, Nightcrawler’s superpower was pretty awesome. He’s also probably one of, if not the, most acrobatic and agile X-Men there is, add in teleportation and he makes a formidable member of any group.
  4. Beast – One of the original 5 X-men, Beast has a great combination of size, speed, strength, and intelligence. He’s a rare combination of those attributes for a superhero which makes him a great addition to any squad.
  5. Storm – Any good team needs a good leader, and Storm is one of the long time field leaders in the X-men so she’s a perfect candidate for that role. Not only is she a good leader but her powers of weather manipulation makes her a very versatile fighter.


The only acceptable canadian…



There are so many cool X-Men out there, like Wolverine, Deadpool, Wolverine, Gambit, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Wolverine, and so on. But there are a ton of lame ones you probably never heard of, and they usually have cool powers too. So I decided to make sure all of my chosen team had horrible names, and were basically unknown. I give you my team, The X-Hipsters:

  1. Box – Yeah, I thought his name was dumb, so I decided to read about him. He’s actually kind of cool. Powers include: Controlling machines, and being able to manipulate metals, plastics, and glass. He also wears armor called The Box Armor. So he’s pretty much like War Machine, only white.
  2. Lifeguard – She’s half Shi’ar and Australian. She has a reactive adaptation meaning she gains powers based on the situation. Basically she’s like Darwin… only white.
  3. Boom-Boom – She has the ability to create balls of psyonic energy that explode with concussive force. And she’s gone by like 5 different names, the best of which is Boom-Boom.
  4. Bling! – Diamond Hard skin, and can create diamond blades to throw. And really, Bling!? Her name has a goddamned exclanation mark in it!
  5. Velocidad – He is neither half Velociraptor nor is he a dad, which is quite disappointing considering his name. He does have the ability to localize time manipulation, creating the appearance of super speed. Which is still not as cool as a Velociraptor-Dad…



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