Friday Five – Breakfast Club

Another week, another Friday Five. This week we’re talking food, and what better food to talk about than Cereal. It is part of the most important meal of the day right? According to some statistics I’ve just made up, cereal has been around for over 9,000 years, and is enjoyed by almost 9 trillion people around the globe. So with crazy numbers like that it’s only right that we tell you all what our favorites are. So lets get to this…


Who doesn’t like cereal? I mean come on, there’s like 500 different kinds, it’s almost certain there will be a type you would like. I am on the opposite pole from JohnScott as my choices will show.

  1. Raisin Bran – Yeah that’s right Raisin Bran. I don’t know why but I totally love Raisin Bran. Kellogg’s I believe makes Raisin Bran Crunch which is definitely my favorite variety (Editors Note: Yes, it is indeed Kellogg’s).
  2. Life/Cinnamon Life – Again, a more plain cereal, but I’d say Peter Griffin summed it up best
  3. Chex – I’m a big fan of 4 different varieties of Chex and can’t pick just one. Corn, Rice, Wheat, and Multi-grain are all great. I like my Corn and Rice Chex with a little sugar on them and some maple syrup on my Wheat or Multi-grain Chex.
  4. Honey Nut Cheerios – The best variety of all the Cheerios, not overly sweet but soooo good.
  5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Easily the sweetest of the cereals on my list. Its great for breakfast or even at the end of the day for a desert.


I like cereal, I just don’t often get to eat it. Which is a shame and some day I’ll probably remedy this. For the most part I usually just eat whatever happens to be in the house but my favorite are:

  1. Halloween Monsters(Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Count Chocula) – This are great, and it’s a real shame they’re only out around halloween, and that the boxes are the small kind. I unfortunately don’t remember Fruity Yummy Mummy, I was around 7 when it was discontinued. And Fruit Brute was discontinued before I was even born so I never got to try it.
  2. Cap’n Crunch – All the different types are nice for variety. Like John I’m a fan of the crunch berries but I do prefer them with the normal cereal not just by themselves. The only bad part about Cap’n Crunch is that it tears your mouth up! Another instance where Family Guy says it best.
  3. Pebbles – I prefer the fruity over chocolate, but they’re both pretty good. The chocolate are pretty much the same as Cocoa Krispies though.
  4. Corn Pops – They’re great in milk, or dry.
  5. Life – Life is one of those cereals that aren’t overly sweet, but aren’t plan bran flakes either. They have a nice balance.


I love cereal and can not get enough of it. For breakfast alone i usually have about 3 or 4 bowls.

  1. Raisin Bran – Not many people enjoy this cereal but i do!!!! The crunch version is good too.
    (Editors Note: According to a quick search of Facebook only 3,604 people like Raisin Bran)
  2. Fruty Pebbles – one of the few cereals that are good both crunchy and soggy.
  3. Kix and Berry Berry Kix – Kids love them, Mother approved… need i say more?
  4. Honey Nut and Frosted Cheerios – the best was when they had the Olympics edition
  5. Marshmellow Cereals – A nything from Lucky Charms to Boo Berry, i like to eat all the crunchies first then the Marshmellows.


I don’t have time for cereal, and instead opt for breakfast bars. I do miss cereal more than anything…

  1. Reeses’ Peanut Butter Puffs – It’s candy for breakfast! I love peanut butter cereals and chocolate is nice too!
  2. Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch – I only know of 2 peanut butter cereals… so this comes in at number 2.
  3. Cap’n Crunch – The original. I don’t like crunch berries. Get over it.
  4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Cinnamon sugar swirls on every bite! There was a period of year where this was the only cereal I ate. Every day.
  5. Apple Jacks – I have no idea what it really tastes like, but I know I like it!


  1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  2. Honey Bunches of Oats Vanilla
  3. Oh’s
  4. Peanut Butter Captain Crunch
  5. Opps! All Berries

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