The Day I Ran from the Green Ranger (true story)

Philadelphia Wizard World has outdone itself once again! So many faces were seen and fond memories were made. My objective was to get pictures with as many costumed con goers as I could. Little did I know what path that would lead me down.

My pursuit of the best dressed brought me further into the main convention hall. That’s when I saw them. A full Power Rangers group, and I simply had to get a picture with them! But I definitely wasn’t the only one with that idea.

After I asked to get a picture with the whole group, it took a minute to round everyone up. I noticed someone from staff telling them that they needed to back up closer to the curtain behind them. This didn’t make much sense to me seeing as how there was plenty of room within the walkway for people to get by. However, within the confusion of where they were to be positioned, bat girl sneaked in and started getting pictures with the group. So, I patiently waited my turn.

Once bat girl was finished, some of the Power Rangers began to pick up there things, and prepared to move along. If it wasn’t for the Black and Red Rangers waving me forward, I would have lost my opportunity.

There I was, incredibly excited for this shot, when I suddenly felt something move behind me… Then there came the screaming from the gathered crowd who were there taking pictures.

The first thing that went through my mind was, “OH CRAP!! THE CURTAIN IS FALLING!!” So I book it, and run straight for my husband standing in the crowd. I get a hold of myself, finally turning around, and holy crap…

…Freaking Jason David Frank is peeking out from behind the curtains, PHOTO BOMBING the Power Rangers photos!!! …The GREEN RANGER!!! (as well as white, black and red during his Ranger career)

This is all happening in the span of a couple of seconds.

I double back because I definitely want to be in this shot, but then take a step back toward the crowd because I know pictures of just the Power Rangers and Jason David Frank would be epic!!

Knowing this was an opportunity not to be missed, I ran back toward Jason David Frank for a few memorable shots and then exited to let the Rangers get the rest.

That short moment became my favorite of any con so far. Turns out that was his booth and that the rangers were in line to see him. That’s why the staff member was requesting they move closer to the curtain!

If you ever get the option to see or meet Jason David Frank don’t pass it up. He is completely genuine, and very interactive. He could have easily stayed seated in his section, just signing and putting on fake smiles for all of his fans. But that is definitely not his style. He had fun and chatted it up with everyone that came to see him, even skipping a lunch to try and get to as many fans as possible.

Thank you so much for making this year’s con one of a kind! Your energy and spirit was contagious and it did not go unnoticed.

Please also accepting my apologizes for running from you, as it will never happen again. 😀

(Of course there are photos of the whole silly fiasco.)

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