PodQuest 388 – Microsoft Activision, Judgment, and Gamera Guardian of the Universe

It’s time for another episode of PodQuest! This week we open the show talking a bit about Microsoft’s intent to purchase Activision Blizzard, then we talk Judgement, and we have our book club discussion about Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. We also hear more about Hollow Knight from Drootin and Walnut, and Chris finally got around to watching Dexter New Blood and started the much talked about series Yellowjackets.

Our next book club will be on February 3rd and is going to be about the 2006 video game inspired film Silent Hill on Amazon Prime ($3.99 USD rental)

00:04:06 – Agenda
00:04:40 – Microsoft buys Activision
00:42:07 – Droo and Richie play more Hollow Knight
00:56:15 – ISP and Internet stuff
01:00:10 – Wrapping up Hollow Knight, PS+, and Streaming
01:04:31 – Chris finished Judgment
01:15:38 – Book Club Discussion – Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
01:32:15 – Next Book Club reveal
01:38:09 – Richie watched The Eternals
01:55:02 – Chris watched Dexter New Blood
02:02:42 – Chris also watched about half of Yellowjackets
02:07:26 – Book Club reminder
02:07:47 – Outro

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