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Welcome back to another episode of PodQuest, everyone’s new favorite podcast, or at least something you’ll pretend is good along with us!

This week Chris, Eric, Pisko, and Walnut sit down to talk about a whole slew of topics in rapid succession before getting into a length discussion about Dragon Age and Comicbooks. We learned some things this week, like Walnut doesn’t know the difference between the songs Men In Black and Wild Wild West, that’s not all so read on to see everything else.

Before the show notes, just a quick plug for the One-Quest Kickstarter, we’ve got 27 more days to make $925 so every dollar helps!

  • Thanos casting turns into a Dr Strange mini discussion about his spells and who knows them all, not us that’s for sure.
  • No one cares about Cyborg.
  • Naughty Dog lost some people, and we try and remember who the recasted villain from PS4 Uncharted played on Heroes, and list some of his other shows…once we figure out his name.
  • Heroes disappointed us, but that last season got better maybe? Last season villain was cool…kinda like Magneto only not, maybe avalanche?
  • Disney Infinity is getting cooler with Marvel and Star Wars stuff…and apparently Mickey can have a Lightsaber in it if you try hard enough.
  • Howard The Duck isn’t awesome, but he is. Mostly Pisko wishes he was Howard The Duck and got to mack it with Lorraine McFly
  • We don’t intro ourselves for about 14 minutes, and we want to buy onequest.com
  • Walnuts (the actual nut) look like balls, tree balls. Now our Walnuts is Baby Treeballs
  • We get Meta and talk about the back end of the website, and how someone broke it.
  • Dragon Age spoilers
  • We quickly get sidetracked into Eric explaining why we should play Dragon Age.
  • Eric’s wife worries a bit about his digital flirting with video game characters.
  • We’re not good with segues as we switch from Dragon Age to Spider-Man
  • It was kind of annoying that no one but Carly noticed Pete talked like a villain. Well Norman Osbourn knows too, which shows who really loves Pete.
  • Walnut don’t know nothin’ ’bout Spider-Man.
  • All-New Ultimates and Ultimate FF have terrible damn art, like really really bad art.
  • Who’s Agent Triplet related to on SHIELD?
  • Daredevil was blinded by the Ooze that transformed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. . . I smell crossover potential.
  • Ant Man casting probably means we won’t see Hank Pym chase Janet with a can of bug spray; will Cassie Lang be part of the movie? Pretty sure she became a Young Avengers and died, so that’s kind of a downer.
  • Marvel Zombies universe is just where characters go when they die. . . until they come back to life.
  • Venom is pretty cool, Carnage not so much, expect back in the ’90s cartoon he was pretty cool then.

talks a bunch on PodQuest each week. He's also been known to write about stuff from time to time.

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