Zenescope UNLEASHED – Epic Crossover Event

Zenescope Entertainment has been teasing us with the prospect of something big coming. Well they’ve finally shed some light and it is pretty big. This Spring the popular publisher is going to be bringing a whole slew of new books in a huge crossover event called Unleashed. While it looks like we can expect some familiar faces to show up, this is shaping up to be a way to display a whole new batch of characters. As you’ll notice if you check the image above the we’re going to be getting a lot of horror characters out of this, and there aren’t many publishers that could do this as much justice as Zenescope. They’ve done a lot of really imaginative stuff with fairy tales in the past making them darker than most of us are really use to. Now taking a turn at what’s already dark who knows what we’ll get.

The creative teams are going to be released later on, but for now the writers are going to be Patrick Shand, Raven Gregory, Mark L Miller, and Troy Brownfield.

Oh they’re doing their twist on Van Helsing too. The whole thing is going to take up about 24 issues and starts in April, running till September. Check out the official press release from Zenescope after the images.

Zenescope Entertainment to Unleash epic Grimm Fairy Tales Event

Jan, 2013 — Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a major Spring/Summer event entitled UNLEASHED. The massive release will include six separate mini-series and a total of 24 issues (some being oversized issues) that tie directly into the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe. The epic comic book event will delve directly into the world of horror monsters while following those with the skills to hunt them. Grimm Fairy Tales UNLEASHED is the main seven issue mini-series that begins when hundreds of formerly trapped vampires, werewolves, demons and zombies are all released on Earth by a very powerful entity known as “The Being.” Now, four separate monster hunters (who fans will get to know in separate “Unleashed” mini-series), must join forces along with Grimm’s kick-ass heroine Sela Mathers in order to stop them.

The five other mini-series will lead directly into UNLEASHED and follow the terrifying stories of the monsters that exist within the Grimm Universe. These series are The Eternal (Vampires), The Unseen (Demons), The Hunger (Werewolves) and The Cursed (Zombies). The fifth series entitled “The Hunters: Shadowlands” will follow those who are chosen to hunt these wretched creatures, including Zenescope’s reimagined Van Helsing.

“UNLEASHED crosses several genres with a blend of horror, fantasy and action,” states Zenescope’s EIC, Ralph Tedesco. “We’ve wanted to bring classic but updated horror monsters into the Grimm Universe for a while and we came up with an all-encompassing event that would allow us to introduce a lot of great new characters in a captivating way. A couple of examples include a reinvented female version of the classic Van Helsing character and Elijah, a freed slave from the 19th century who kicks zombie ass. Fans are in for something they never would have expected to see in Grimm and they’re going to absolutely love it!”

The entire Unleashed event will run from April 2013 through September 2013 with the first issues available for order in the February edition of Diamond Previews coming out this week.

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