Zenescope Enters the Age of Darkness


The beginning of Zenescopes next big storyline starts next week with Quest #1 as they enter the Age of Darkness. Leading up to the huge issue 100 of the main Grimm Fairy Tales book this summer, we’ll see the rest of the Zenescope line get plunged into the darkness. I got a chance to read Quest #1 a head of time, and while I can’t say much I will say it’s a nice lead in to what should be a pretty exciting storyline. The next part of the story will be in Code Red due out in December and Dark Queen hitting shelves in January. You can see all of this in the image above, and don’t worry there’s plenty more than just those three books coming out of the Age of Darkness. Just check out the full press release below, and check back next week for our review of Quest #1 in next weeks Take It Or Leave It!

Zenescope Entertainment’s Enters the Age of Darkness

November, 2013 — Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a new event that will become part of the long running hit comic book series, Grimm Fairy Tales. The event is called Age of Darkness and will involve most of Zenescope’s Grimm Universe spinoff series as well as its flagship title, Grimm Fairy Tales as it approaches its landmark 100th issue, due out July 2014.
“Everything we’ve ever done in the Grimm Fairy Tales has led up to this event and the Grimm Universe will be forever changed by this.” states Zenescope President, Joe Brusha. “We’re thrilled that this series has lasted so long and we’re even more excited to see it evolve into something bigger now with the Age of Darkness event.”

Age of Darkness will first hit the Grimm Universe starting in two spinoff titles: Quest and Code Red. But 2014 will get more intense as the Age of Darkness descends upon multiple Grimm Fairy Tales series including Robyn Hood, Neverland, Inferno and Wonderland: Clash of Queens.
“We’re definitely going to shock some fans as we lead up to #100.” says Editor-in-Chief Ralph Tedesco “But Age of Darkness is not being done simply for shock value, we want this ride that our fans have taken with us for the past eight years to really pay off.”
Upcoming Age of Darkenss titles are currently available for pre-order in Diamond Previews, which is out now. Check back on the Zenescope blog, http://blog.zenescope.com/ and follow Zenescope on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zenescope and on Twitter @Zenescope for updates.

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