Wizard World in Style

Wizard world comic-con made an appearance this past weekend. And sure there were comics, toys, and famous people (at a cost), but the true show busters were all of the costumed attendees. When I heard One-Quest was invited to the con, the first thing that came to mind was, “…but what will I wear?” The same thought emanating through an overwhelming amount of visitors. I decided on She-Thor, in honor of Chris Hemsworth’s appearance during the event. With only 2 weeks prior to the event, I got my butt in gear and produced a bad-ass, one of a kind Thorset! (Thor Corset).



Part of me was hoping the actor would wave me down, congratulate me on the magnificate job I had done, and ask for a picture with muah. This was most definitely not the case, in fact, the line for Hemworth wrapped around the building and the crowd gathered in front made it impossible to even sneak a peak. Quickly giving up on that goal I meandered my way around to admire all of the other costumes there were to see.

Due to the splash the Avengers made in the box office, you couldn’t go very far without bumping into one of the crime fighting heros. In fact I was able to get my picture with a female Loki and a patriotic looking Captain.


You can tell the time and thought that goes into the costumes people pick. And occasionally you’ll get lucky and catch one in character. (However sometimes, if taken too far, it can be considered creepy, so make sure you can gauge the response of your on lookers. . . unless that is what you’re going for).  I even met up with a Hulk who pulled me aside for a picture and then later we caught him catching a snooze behind an artist’s booth with a pair of shades on.

There were Supermans, Wonder Womens, Batmans, and the ever so played out Dark Knight’s Joker. We also rode the train in with his partner in crime Harley Quinn and bumped into a few more of her inside the con. While there may have been duplicates of characters going around, it was nice to see how everyone made the characters their own. An example of this was seen with an old school Harley who made her black and red pants into a black and red skirt with coordinating leggings. Or the gentlemen that rocked the tiny Wonder Women booty shorts with the cropped tee.

But just because this is a Comic Book Convention does not limit the imagination to just superheros. It took me a few seconds to acknowledge someone portraying the space ship captain Mal from Serenity. He had put together an outfit that didn’t require much thought yet was so identifiable for any fan of the show. Of course what is a con without Darth Vader? He had his own line forming and didn’t even have a booth!  Bleach and other Anime influences also made an appearance as the fine line between Anime Cons and Comic Cons slowly blur.

There is no limit as to the age of costumed attendees. I saw a group of little avengers, cutest thing ever! And I would have gotten a picture with them if there wasn’t that awkward under 18 thing involved with it. While waiting in line for Greg Capullo, a father and son slowly passed by, and I say slowly because the son, who I would guess was around 10-12, had a box on his head. The father seemed somewhat uneasy, maybe teetering on the edge of embarrassed, that was of course until someone recognized his son as the main character from Minecraft. Everyone cheered and gave exciting woots which in return brought the fathers head a little higher and a lighter pep in his step. He then seemed rather proud of his block headed son.

Anyone going to the convention dressed up is hoping to be seen and get that… “OU!! Can I Get Your Picture?!” The acknowledgment that what you were able to pull together has been appreciated by a wider audience then was expected. And when the day is over and everyone heads home to put back on their civilian gear, the same question runs through everyone’s minds. . . “What will I be next year?!”

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