Ubisoft E3 2013 Liveblog

E3  -Ubisoft

Ubisoft takes the stage on June 10, 2013. Their conference starts at 3pm PST, 6pm EST.

You can view the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference live at Gametrailer.com and Spike TV.
You can catch our reactions to the event here.

07:21pm by Eric

Overall, I’m impressed. I would have liked to see some more new games. I feel like Ubi is riding Watch_Dogs hard, and I really hope it lives up to the hype. As much as I love Assassin’s Creed, it would be really awesome to see them go somewhere else with the franchise. The future maybe? Or even all the way back to “Those who came before.”

I will say I am in love with The Crew and The Division. Ubisoft has stepped up their game, and it’s great to see them move into some new territory.

Stay tuned for the Sony press conference, starting at 9pm EST! Only about an hour and a half to go!

07:16pm by Eric

It’s a new Tom Clancy title. That’s fantastic! I definitely want this one.

07:09pm by Eric

The Division. Interesting title and concept. Now for a live demo.

07:05pm by Eric


07:04pm by Eric

By Massive Entertainment. . .

07:04pm by Eric

Ubisoft MMO?

07:04pm by Eric

Yves is back out. . . I wonder why. . .

06:57pm by Eric

I’m going to have to watch that trailer a couple hundred more times. . .

06:52pm by Eric

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag time! Sooooooo stoked!

06:48pm by Shannon

Playing an interactive TV show? My son will love that.

06:47pm by Eric

Rabbids Invasion! O.O I may need to get cable again!

06:46pm by Eric

New Just Dance should be a fun time at the parties! :p

06:45pm by Shannon

Just Dance 2014, great party game!

06:43pm by Eric

I mean, it looks awesome. But Next Gen would be games like Ryse, Infamous: Second Son. Games developed solely for the Next Gen consoles, with no chance of being ported on the current gen.

06:40pm by Shannon

This is a game I know I’ll be watching my husband play. Then yell at him if he plays when I’m not around.

06:40pm by Eric

I love that Watch_Dogs is being heralded as the best of the Next Gen games, but it’s not even a next gen game. . .

06:39pm by Shannon

Here comes Watch Dogs!

06:39pm by Drootin

Time for Watch_Dogs!

06:39pm by Eric

Watch_Dogs! ^_^

06:38pm by Shannon

Look at that, another tablet function.

06:38pm by Eric

If #TheCrew plays as well as a Criterion racing game, then it’ll probably going to be my next racing game.

06:37pm by Shannon

Looks like Ubisoft is giving us more in depth looks into their games. This is scoring points with me.

06:36pm by Eric

Form crews to take on multiplayer challenges across the country!

06:35pm by Drootin

This is really intriguing, I’m not really big on racing/driving games but this could be one I could get into

06:34pm by Shannon

This is really cool. Too bad I’m awful at driving games.

06:33pm by Eric

I love the idea of driving across country in #thecrew!

06:31pm by Eric

Live gameplay demo showing off 4 different players in 4 locations of the US. This sounds nuts.

06:29pm by Shannon

MMO mob racing?

06:29pm by Eric

The entire USA? That sounds wild. . .

06:27pm by Eric

Fast and the Furious the game? I think I may be more excited for this than I am with Need for Speed Rivals.

06:27pm by Drootin

The level of detail on the cars in the next-gen racing games we’ve been seeing is mind blowing

06:26pm by Shannon

Wow! This looks like a movie trailer.

06:25pm by Eric

It’s a racing game!

06:25pm by Drootin

I think this is the first we’ve heard of this game at all

06:24pm by Eric

New IP called The Crew.

06:24pm by Eric

Yves Gillmont takes the stage to talk about some more awesome games!

06:23pm by Eric

From here on out it’s next gen time! ^_^

06:21pm by Shannon

I’m sure a lot of the OQ readers are excited for South Park

06:21pm by Eric

South Park the Stick of Truth! ^_^ I can’t wait for this game!

06:20pm by Drootin

Seems intriguing, persistent loot grind/castle building

06:17pm by Eric

I’m in the Beta for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. I should try it out. . .

06:17pm by Drootin

New IP, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

06:17pm by Eric

The Biggest Rayman Ever! . . .that should have come out 4 months ago. . .

06:17pm by Shannon

Look like they’re packing a lot into Rayman Legends. Great multiplayer, musical levels. Can’t wait!

06:15pm by Eric

Rayman Legends hits store shelves on September 3rd.

06:14pm by Shannon

My son loves the Rayman game, he’ll be super excited that this is finally coming out.

06:13pm by Shannon

Aisha Tyler being awkward

06:13pm by Eric

Yay Rayman Legends! Boooooo multiplatform!

06:13pm by Drootin

Jese, an Atari Jaguar reference, lol

06:12pm by Eric

I haven’t played a splinter cell since pandora tomorrow, looks like I gotta jump back on board.

06:12pm by Eric

This looks awesome so far!

06:11pm by Shannon

Gonna get some game play in Philadelphia, PA. We’re all very familiar with that city here at One-Quest.

06:11pm by Drootin

oooo Philadelphia!

06:09pm by Eric

Mercs vs Spies returns! It was so much fun in Pandora Tomorrow!

06:09pm by Drootin

Return of Spies vs Mercs online play

06:09pm by Shannon

Time to get sneaky with Splinter Cell.

06:08pm by Eric

Splinter Cell Blacklist time! ^_^ This game looks fantastic!

06:07pm by Eric

Aisha Tyler is the host once again. . .

06:05pm by Eric

Rocksmith 2014, the fastest way to learn guitar.

06:03pm by Eric

Jerry Contrell of Alice in Chains on stage playing music, and now a game. . . ?

05:56pm by Eric

Apparently I can’t spell… Don’t worry I’ll figure it out.

05:55pm by Eric

We’re about 5 minutes our for Ubisofts press conference! Who’s excited for more Assassin’s Creed?! ^_^

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