Tomasi Talks Plans for Batman and Robin

This article, and the links all contained some major Bat-Related Spoilers. You have been warned! has an exclusive interview up with Batman and Robin writer Peter Tomasi.

You probably saw yesterday the big news about Robin. . .

That is, he’s going to die, again. Well not again, this time it’s a different Robin and all and the first one that died came back so I guess him dying in the first place doesn’t really count. Oh what the hell comic books stop being stupid!

Anyway, Over on CBR Peter Tomasi has a pretty interesting interviews where he talks about his initial reactions to the news that Damian is going to be killed off very soon (next week in fact), and how it will play into his book Batman and Robin. It’s nice that he’ll be dealing with Bruce’s grief following Batman Inc #8. And I’m certainly glad the book is continuing with Tomasi, it’s one of the books I wait for every month.

I am a little torn about the following stories though, they seem to be doing what Marvel did with Captain America after Bucky’s ‘death’ in Fear Itself. The book is going to continue on as a Batman and. . . series, with the first stories being Batman and Red Robin and Batman and The Red Hood. It’s cool that we’ll get to see Batman teamed up with ex-Robins, but as Tomasi said, they may not exactly be filling the role of sidekick as just a supporting cast member of that particular story.

If you read Captain America and. . . You’ll know the problems this can have, the initial issues which focused on Cap and Bucky in the war were interesting, but they quickly ended and just became multiple issue team ups with various characters like Hawkguy and Black Widow, which weren’t all that interesting. I do have a little more faith in Tomasi, his run on Batman and Robin has been one of the best books on the stands each month so if anyone can make it work he’ll be able to.

Not to mention, as I pointed out yesterday these are comic books, it’s only a matter of time before Damian is found out to be alive and well and back to operating as Robin.

So head over to CBR and check out the full interview then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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