The Stuff of Legend…Movie?

If you’ve been to a comic convention in recent years you’ve probably seen a table with a banner that says “The Stuff of Legend”, and on it are things like a jack in the box, a teddy bear, and some other kids toys. You probably thought that it was a kids comic, or a “Toy Story” rip-off. If though you were a curious person like me and happened to go check it out you’d find it to be a lot more. Part “Toy Story”, part “Chronicles of Narnia”, and all fun, “The Stuff of Legend” is one of those books that doesn’t have a ton of ‘mainstream’ appeal but is actually way more fun and entertaining than some people would think. So basically if you haven’t ever read it I highly suggest picking up the trades.

The story is something you’d expect to find in a Disney movie, whom we’ll be talking about in a bit. A young boy in 1944 is pulled into his closet by the Boogeyman, and it’s up to his toys and puppy to get him back. The toys (and puppy) head into the closet and enter a new world where they are no longer toys, they’re transformed into larger, scarier, stronger versions of themselves. The teddy bear becomes a real bear, the toy soldier an actual solider. You get the idea, anyway the story is all about toys trying to rescue the child that owns them, and all the turmoil and struggle they go through along the way.

And now for the fun news, Disney has put in a bid for the movie rights to this series. Pete Candeland is attached to direct, I don’t know too much of his work, it’s mostly been music videos. But I know he’s done some Gorillaz stuff which is usually pretty high quality animation so that should lend well to the series. “Abduction” writer Shawn Christensen will be penning a script for the film, which may be done in a Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” style with real actors and such set in a CGI world. Something like that would definitely be an interesting fit for the film and I look forward to seeing what happens.

Keep an eye here at One-Quest for anymore news about “The Stuff of Legend” film and let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

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