The Radar – The Amazing Spider-Man (Video Game)

So as any gamer knows movie properties rarely ever make good video games. As much as we all might sit through a film saying to ourselves “Man this would be awesome in a game” developers don’t usually get it right. One of the few exceptions are the Spider-Man movie tie-in’s from the first 2 Sam Raimi movies. The first game laid the ground work and the second one perfected it. The story pretty much followed the movie with some extra bosses and characters but they need to do that to make it a full game. The best part about that game was the open nature of it. You could swing around New York City and help people or just climb the highest buildings and jump off and try and swing before you hit the ground. It was just a fun time. Then came Spider-Man 3, what a huge disappointment, the game and movie. I worked at Gamestop when the 3rd game came out and immediately had people complaining about it, I didn’t even bother playing it. The movie was bad enough.

Now we have new movie, a reboot to the series. And though I’m sure it won’t please every Spidey fan I’m looking forward to it. Along with that movie there’s a game. After viewing the very short teaser trailer and reading that it’s going to be back in the vein of the first 2 movie tie-in games I’m going to be keeping an eye on this. It won’t be a first day purchase but I’ll definitely be giving it a chance.

We have pretty much a 50/50 shot at this game being good. If they stick to what works and don’t try to add to much gimmicky stuff then we should have a solid movie based game. If they try to over do it and incorporate things that they think work or that people want then it’s probably going to fail. For instance there is talk that the game is going to have a first-person element like the trailer. This is a bad idea, some people really like Mirrors Edge but that was it’s own monster. No one wants to do that with Spider-Man they want to see the Web-head swinging around the city, doing whatever a spider can. Spinning webs of any size, catching bad guys just like flies. By sticking to the fundamentals this game could be great so lets hope for that!

The Amazing Spider-Man (Game) is being developed by Beenox who made the last 2 Spider-Man games, Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time. Which though they didn’t receive much praise at least means the company is familiar with Spider-Man and have even come out to say they aren’t going to release a sub-par game. They’ve had a long development cycle on this and they want it to be great. So here is hoping it is and my faith in Spider-Man games is renewed. And if not I’m just going to play Maximum Carnage till my eye’s bleed out all the bad memories.

So The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game is On the Radar, just on the edge of it, for now at least we’ll see what the future brings.

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