The Night Of The Doctor Sheds Some New Light

We’ve got only a little over a week left until The Day Of The Doctor finally airs! BBC isn’t making the wait any easier though, they recently released this mini-episode featuring the return of Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. If you haven’t seen the video yet watch it right now before reading anymore!

For easy viewing here it is, The Night of the Doctor

**Spoilers Ahead**

And there you have it, John Hurt is officially the War Doctor, the regeneration between 8 and 9, which I suppose technically makes him 9 and pushes everyone else back one. A lot of things really happen in this short video, things that will potentially have a huge impact on things to come later. This is also the most we’ve really seen of the Time War so far, or at least the effect it’s having on the universe, and I suppose the effect it’s having on The Doctor as well. One other thing this video does is give me hope that we may be seeing Christopher Eccleston in the 50th for a brief cameo. Wouldn’t it be great to get a flashback of Hurt remembering his final moments, ending the Time War and becoming this generations first Doctor.

Sure I may be reaching here, but it’s still fun to speculate. So with that, let us know your thoughts and speculations not only for The Night Of The Doctor, but the Day of the Doctor too!


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