The Friday Five: Comics

Friday Five - Comics

Welcome to the newest installment of The Friday Five. This week we bring you our Top 5 Comics. We left this one fairly broad allowing everyone to choose their top 5 books, stories, issues, or in some cases characters – whatever they felt like using! Somewhere down the line we’ll get into specifics for everyone, but this works out best for now. Best news of this week: Almost everyone kept themselves from typing their entire life memoirs (ahem. . . JohnScott)! On a side note we have two NEW contributors, and they followed directions exceedingly well! So read on, and I hope we don’t bore you too much. . . :-/



I’ve been reading comics for a few years, not my whole life like some others. As a result my knowledge, and list to choose from, is somewhat limited. My reading catalog consists mostly of Spider-Man, Spider-Man offshoots, and tie-ins to other Spider-Man stories. That doesn’t mean that I only read Spider-Man books; I own the entire Ultimate/Comics line, a bunch of random series that looked cool( for at least a few months), or were based on some video game/movie I liked. I have read almost everything I own, with a few books that have yet to be touched. I’m going to base my top 5 on books that I own and have read.

1. Ultimate Spider-Man, Anything Before Death of Spider-Man

2. Amazing Spider-Man, Brand New Day Onward

3. Y:The Last Man, All

4. Ultimate Spider-Man #133

5. ULTIMATUM, I loved the whole “Magneto Fucks the World” angle they went with there.



I’ve read comics sporadically through the years. I remember when I was about 10 picking up random copies of things from a local comic store. Things like a single issue of Spider-Man 2099 or What If..Scarlet Spider Killed Spider-Man. There was a long gap after that with nothing until a couple years ago Eric told me about the Ultimate stuff. It sounded interesting and I didn’t have to know a ton of history so I jumped in, read all of it and started grabbing tons of other things along the way. Now I’ve got a decent assortment of monthly subscriptions but here are my top 5 books:

1. Ultimate Spider-Man (pre death of…)

2. Ultimate X-Men

3. The Amazing Spider-man

4. Batman Year 1 Continuity (Year 1 through Dark Victory)

5. Kickass (part 1)


Most valuable comic book collection ever

Oh, to dream…



Throughout my life I’ve had an admiration for comic books. I tried several times to get into them, but I always found it difficult because there was so damn much! I was intimidated, and as a result I would continuously make attempts to start collecting, then shortly after I’d stop. In December of 2010 I began trying to collect for the first time in years, as of now I haven’t quit yet. I don’t know much, mostly just new stuff. So here it is.

1. Icons – Iceman (4 part mini-series from 2001)

2. Batman and Robin (2009) – My flagship series, I own all 26 and the first 5 issues of the new 52

3. Batman Incorporated

4. Battle for the Cowl

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Reboot – 2011)



Comics are not exactly my forte, however, I have read a few here and there. I can’t really give specific issues as my favorites, so I’m just gonna list the books I have actually read.

1. The Walking Dead

2. Wolverine: Old Man Logan – This was actually my first comic.

3. Assassins Creed: The Fall

4. Incredible Hulk

5. Wolverine



Hey buddy buddies! I’ll be honest and will say that I have just entered the world of comics fairly recently. As a result, my top 5 comics may seem a bit redundant as I have only read a handful. Hopefully the next time around I will have a wider assortment under my belt. Time to return to my study cave!
1. Old Man Logan

2. Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth

3. Wolverine: Origins

4. Deadpool: Origins (Fun little one-shot)

5. Assassin’s Creed: The Fall





I’m a girl that likes girl comics, romance, love, and suspense. I’m a girl that likes cutesy bad ass teddy bears and death defying, equally adorable, skeletons. I’m a girl that likes and appreciated the art of pin ups and the concept of incorporating that within a mock fairy tale setting. But this girl has a sweet spot in her heart for Marvel, thanks greatly to her nerdy, lovely counterpart, Eric. So, in no particular order, here are my top 5:

1. Grimm Fairy Tales – Including Neverland, and Wonderland.

2. Spider-Man Loves Mary jane

3. Stuff of Legend – Teddy Bear kicks ass!

4. Marvel Zombies – Part 1

5. A Skeleton Story



My first Friday Five and it’s a topic I am not very well versed in. I like comics but haven’t really read very many. Like Anthony said it’s pretty intimidating how much there is out there. I keep meaning to get into comics but just never seem to get around to it. So, here’s my attempt at a list. Also leave me some suggestions I’d gladly give some things a try!

1. X-Men

2. Spider-Man

3. Punisher

4. Deadpool

5. Batman

Empty Comic Box

Drootin’s Collection.


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