That's Not What Happened – 001 – Batman Year One

It’s finally here everyone, the very first episode of That’s Not What Happened, featuring Batman Year One. After sitting on this episode for over a year, it’s finally getting released! Before that though, let’s get a little back story out of the way.

In February 2013 Vogel and I decided we wanted to do a podcast, and both of us being big movie fans and comic readers, we decided to make that the basis of the show. And thus That’s Not What Happened was born, where we spend some pre-show time watching a comic or book related movie and reading the source material, than follow it up with a discussion about what we liked and didn’t like. Being our first episode we were still deciding on the format, so this time it’s along the lines of MST3K or Riff Tracks, or just a DVD commentary track. Basically we talked while watching the movie. Our later episode which you’ll hear over the next couple of months change up the format a bit, but the concept is still the same!

Next Month
Planet Hulk Part 1

Enough of that though, here’s all the details for listening.

Direct Download (right click save-as)

Or you can watch it on YouTube!


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