Take It Or Leave It – September 12, 2012

Take It Or Leave It Comic shop from Big Bang Theory

We’ve got a light week for you, JohnScott is away in California for Stan Lee’s Camikaze Expo. So it’s just me this time, so without further stalling lets get to this weeks picks.

It seems to have been a very good week for comics. I usually have at least one book that just feels forced, but for this week everything was pretty good. It might not all be worth buying, but it was at least interesting to read.

Batman issue 0 Batman #0
Pretty much everything that happens in Batman these days has been great. Batman 0 is no exception, in this issue we have 2 stories, the first is about Bruce Wayne shortly after returning to Gotham after his training. He isn’t yet Batman, but is already out there helping people and taking down crime. We’re also treated to what I’m assuming is a pre-chemical bath Joker as the Red Hood leading his gang on a bank heist and murder. This ends with a “To Be Continued In 2013” so I’m hoping that means we’ll see more of what happened during Batman’s first years after his training.

Our second story features nothing but side characters. We see Commissioner Gordon, who I think isn’t commissioner yet, Barbra, Dick, Jason, and Tim all before ever being linked to Batman. It’s a short, story with just a page or two per character but it delivers a great history of the characters and what they were doing before the New 52 started last year.

Verdict: Take It

Batgirl 0 issue Batgirl #0
Batgirl is an interesting book, Barbara Gordon was in a wheel chair proir to the New 52 reboot, then when it happened we got her back on her feet as Batgirl. The 0 issue goes into her backstory, we learn what pushed her to put on the costume and fight crime, and just how long she did it before being paralyzed. It was an interesting book and offered some good characterization of both Batgirl and her creepy ass little brother James Jr.

Verdict: Take It

Batman and Robin 0 Batman & Robin #0
I’ve seen some people on Twitter calling Peter Tomasi one of the most underrated writers in comics. And you know what I have to agree, this book does not get the praise it deserves. The dynamic duo has always been known to have problems, but it was never as fierce or lethal as now. Damien isn’t use to having to hold back and it takes everything Bruce has to keep his son on the right path. With this months 0 issue we get a real chance to see why that is, and why Damien even decided to stay with Bruce and become a Wayne rather then stay with his mother with the League of Assassins.

Verdict: Take It

Avengers Vs. X-Men 11 Avengers Vs. X-Men #11
This has probably been one of the better issues in the whole series. I loved the artwork and Bendis gives us a great story. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but it’s got all the right stuff going for it. The only problem I had initially was the death in the issue, it just felt forced. But the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

Verdict: Take It

Scarlet Spider number 9 Scarlet Spider #9
I’ve loved Scarlet Spider so far, and this issue wasn’t any different. Kaine is just a fun character to read about, he’s not the hero with spider powers the world is use to and it shows. That being said if you haven’t already been following Scarlet Spider this is probably an issue you can skip. The whole Texas Rangers thing was kinda silly from the get go. Oh that’s the local super hero team, not the MLB team or Chuck Norris. Though an issue where Kaine battles Chuck Norris over who gets to protect Texas would be pretty cool. But back on topic, if you’re going to skip an issue pick this one, next month Minimum Carnage is probably not something you want to miss.

Verdict: Either

Ultimate Comics X-Men issue 16 Ultimate Comics X-Men #16
Brian Wood managed to bring the huge scale that Nick Spencer started out with in Ultimate Comics X-Men and bring it all back around to Kitty Pryde and her friends. They made it across the country in Divided We Fall and now they’ve found an ally and a potential army to help them bring down the anti-mutant groups. This was the first issue of United We Stand and it felt like the first chapter to what is going to be a huge story. Also I’m fairly certain this is the introduction of the Ultimate counterpart of Kid Omega, Quentin Quire. And he makes quite the impact on our troubled Rogue.

Verdict: Take It

Ucanny X-Men 18 Uncanny X-Men #18
Like most AvX tie-in’s Uncanny X-Men hasn’t been all that interesting, not to mention the last several issues were happening prior to events that we’d already read in the main AvX books. Issue 18 starts to break that trend a little bit with an issue that even comes with a warning to read it after AvX 11. With that said not much happens, it’s pretty much just a psychic chat between Emma Frost and Cyclops during the battle in AvX 11. It’s interesting though and lets you see just how corrupted these two characters are with the influences of the Phoenix Force on them. Even with that it doesn’t stand out much, and can totally be skipped without missing a beat.

Verdict: Probably Leave It

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