Take It Or Leave It – September 05, 2012

Take It Or Leave It

The first Take It Or Leave It of September is here. This was a pretty light week for both of us, so as you’ll notice we have a little overlap in titles. Even though we may both enjoy them we have totally different takes on why. Other then that it’s your usually weekly dose of us telling you how some of this week’s new releases were and whether we think they’re worth you spending your hard earned cash on. So read on true believers!

This was a pretty light week for me as far as normal titles go. Unfortunately I didn’t see much on the shelf that peaked my interest either, so I decided I would check out a couple of the books my girlfriend usually picks up. So this week you’re going to get a few of my normal reads, and a couple books that I’m reading for the first time. I mostly enjoyed the books this week, even the ones that I had problems with. Whether I’ll be continuing with these titles is a whole other story so read on and see what I thought.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends 20 Grim Fairy Tales Myths & Legends 20
I’ve only ever read a handful of the Grim Fairy Tale books, they’re usually pretty interesting. Zenescope definitely took these stories and made a whole universe and made them their own. So with that, this was the first issue I’ve read of the Myths & Legends line, and it was interesting. The current story arc is about Hansel and Gretel or Hank and Gina as they’re named in the story. Lucky for me there was a nice little recap paragraph at the beginning and a bit of an introduction into the Grim Fairy Tale Universe if you’re not familiar. This probably wasn’t the best issue to start out with, I’m not sure what was new to me and what wasn’t, but I’m guessing the big ‘surprise’ early on in the book was just that a surprise that hadn’t been revealed in the previous to issues of the story. I might not continue reading this on a monthly basis but I’m going to at least read the previous two issues and see how the story wraps up next month!

Verdict: Take It – But go get the last 2 issues also

Lady Death 21
Here we have the other title I’ve never read before, and frankly I was really confused. This isn’t a good jumping on point for this series. I’m not saying you need to have read every issue, but at least knowing the basics would make this a lot more understandably. Overall though it was an interesting read, lots of blood and fighting which is always good. The issue ends on a cliffhanger that I’m not sure I care enough to follow up on. This seems like a book that would be fun to read from the beginning, but if you’re going to do that just do it in trades it’s cheaper that way.

Verdict: Leave It – Maybe Trades

Invincible Iron Man 524 Invincible Iron Man 524
I really like Iron Man as a character, I’ve also enjoyed most of Matt Fractions run with him. That said, the last handful of issues have been really strange, and somewhat confusing. If you haven’t been reading this book for quite a while or at least know all the back story to Fraction’s run along with things like Extremis, you’re going to be lost. At least that’s how the last few issues felt, this issue I finally start to see what’s going on, the bit at the beginning with Pepper and the Rescue suit was strange and hopefully we get more on that to know what happened. Otherwise, it was a solid issue and ended on a note that we’re finally going to see some Iron Man action. Tony hasn’t been in the suit in months now.

Verdict: Take It

Venom Issue 24 Venom 24
Venom is a great character, when the right person is in the symbiote anyway. Eddie Brock was awesome, Mac Gargan not so much and now with Flash Thompson we have a whole new take on a hero. If you’ve not read the book at all then you’re probably only used to seeing Venom as a Spider-Man villain. Well that’s finally a different story, with Flash in the suit we have a Symbiote hero who isn’t always the heroic type. I think he’s what you would get if you mixed Spidey with the Punisher and added a little Captain America in. He wants to do the right thing, and help people, but sometimes his rage takes over and he doesn’t do it in the most heroic of fashions. In our current story he’s fighting the demons which is a little weird and a lot of people tend to shy away from the supernatural religious kind of stories, but you shouldn’t. This is shaping up to be an interesting story with plot threads pulling from back during Circle of Four, which was also a fun story if you missed it. Unfortunately for this is not a story to pick up in the middle. If at least right now you’ll need to catch up on the previous 23 issues to really understand the story, or at least read the Circle Of Four story.

Verdict: Take It

Green Lantern 0
I’ve been reading Green Lantern since the New 52 started, it’s been an interesting book. If you aren’t familiar with the Green Lantern history it’s not an easy book at all. This was one of those titles that didn’t really get reset it just kept going with a new number 1. If you can get past not knowing what’s up it’s a great read, Geoff Johns doesn’t usually write bad books after all. Now we’ve got this 0 issue and I was a little disappointed with it. I see what they were doing, setting up the new Green Lantern for the coming issues. Anyone that’s been reading Green Lantern has a good idea what’s going to happen to Hal and probably Sinestro too, and being comic fans we can also assume by lets say March they’ll both be Green Lanterns again. This new guy Simon Baz seems to have a interesting personality, but is he really a good enough character to be a Green Lantern? And don’t we have enough of them by now? I guess we’ll have to wait for Rise of the Third Army to find out if this guy is going to last or not. Regardless of my disappointment it wasn’t due to the story, it was actually a good issue I just went into it wanting something else and not getting it. If you’ve been following the series so far, this is definitely not an issue to miss.

Verdict: Take It

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 14 Cover Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 14
I’m in the minority here, but for most of this run I have not enjoyed Miles Morales as the Ultimate Spider-Man. The last few issues have been a little better, and Spider-Men has been pretty enjoyable. That’s due more to Peter Parker interacting with Ultimate Universe characters than Miles doing anything though. We were left off last time with Captain America telling Miles he couldn’t be Spider-Man anymore. Oh and Aunt May and Gwen were there too meeting Miles in an abandoned warehouse for some reason. Also this kid has no concept of secret identity he just pulled his mask off for them. But that was all last time, let’s talk about now. This issue wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t good either. Cap tells Miles he can’t be a hero till he’s older, Gwen yells at Cap, MJ shows up, Cap gets a call and leaves, Aunt May gives Miles a box.

That box? It contains Pete’s web-shooter, but who didn’t see that coming? Anyway we get a couple pages of Miles trying to web-swing and failing and finally he gets the hang of it and goes to find Cap, who told him to stay out of it and stop being a hero or he’d call his parents. Anyway Miles finds him and it’s the Rhino he’s fighting, he does the only thing he ever does in a fight which is his venom sting attack and defeats the Rhino, which magically makes Cap decide he can be a hero so long as he’s trained. Alright I get it, Marvel wants to have Captain America train Miles, it makes sense. It also makes sense that he would have reservations. The problem is he changed his mind after the kid almost got himself killed like 4 freaking times. That is the dumbest thing ever, and totally goes against the reason he didn’t want him to be Spider-Man in the first place! I know this sounds like I hated the issue, but the dialogue and interactions with everyone other than Miles and Cap were great, and it was fun to see some familiar faces again. I really keep hoping this book gets better, but until Miles either grows up or gets a decent supporting cast other than his stupid friend, it’s probably not going to.

Verdict: Leave It

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