Take It Or Leave It – October 4, 2013

Welcome to Take It Or Leave It, where each week we pick out some of that week’s newest comics and give you our opinion on whether it was worth the price and you should take it, or if it was better left sitting on the shelf.

Well we missed last week because I screwed up, but fear not we’re back, with a rather small week. I just didn’t read that much this week but that’s no reason not to talk about what I did get around to. So lets get started.

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Forever Evil #2

Forever Evil seems to be taking a lot longer than it should, maybe it’s because of all those Villain month issues, but I just feel like the first issue was more than a month ago. Regardless of how long it feels, this is still a much stronger story than any of those villain month books were. We haven’t seen much happen, but there are still 5 issues to get things really going. Issue 2 just continues to setup the pieces, like Lex Luthor and his test tube baby you may all recognize. My big problem is I don’t buy that the whole Justice League is dead, I mean shouldn’t Superman just be in a healing trance or some crap like when he was ‘killed’ by Doomsday? And I realize that Hal kind of has his own problems going on, but you’re telling me he’s not even vaguely aware that his home planet is getting ripped to shit right now? I guess I’m just looking for things to complain about here, because honestly the concept is pretty interesting and it’s really just stupid stuff like that could be considered problems. And who is the guy in the hood? Any guesses?

Verdict: Take It

Score: 8/10

Reviewed By: Chris


All-New X-Men #17

Battle of the Atom continues and boy is it getting confusing. We saw in the last part that Magik took young Beast and Iceman to the future to find out where the future X-Men came from, and what do they find, but a different set of Future X-Men in what appears to be a decent world. Man time travel gets confusing sometimes, it’s just such a ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. . . But it’s still really good, I want to know what all these factors are that keep causing future version of heroes to lose their shit and try and change history. I mean come on at this point they’ve done it so many times they know it’s a bad idea, but it just keeps happening. I’m also fairly certain that the layout of the future Jean Grey school is the same as that one issue of Wolverine & The X-Men where Wolverine gets a message from the future. I know that’s kind of vague, but I don’t remember the issue number. Regardless the schools look pretty similar if memory serves which is a nice bit of continuity, it also means the future isn’t all that bad, and the first set of future guys to come back are apparently jerks and liars.

Verdict: Take It

Score: 8/10

Reviewed By: Chris


All-New X-Men Special #1

Remember a couple years ago when Marvel did those 3 part stories through various Annuals. They had the Negative Zone one that went through Steve Rogers Super Soldier, X-Men, and Namor The First Mutant. Well looks like they’re trying it again, but rather than it being Annuals they’re Specials. This time around we get All-New X-Men, Indestructible Hulk, and I believe Superior Spider-Man, or one of the other Superior books at least. Anyway, it’s set away from Battle of the Atom, probably before hand. And for the most part it feels like a pretty normal issue of the book, until Doc Ock shows up, and not Superior Spider-Man, but old school ugly as sin, green tights and all Doctor Octopus. Of course Spidey shows up at this point, and yes it’s Superior Spidey so he’s kind of a jerk and all that good stuff. It’s pretty cool though, at this point I think Marvel is getting a little nuts with Time Travel, but maybe this isn’t time travel stuff, perhaps it’s cloning? That hasn’t been done in a while right? Oh…never mind.

Verdict: Take It

Score: 7/10

Reviewed By: Chris

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