Take It Or Leave It – October 17, 2012

Take It Or Leave It October 17, 2012

Have no fear loyal readers, Take It Or Leave It is back! Last week was a pretty big loss for the whole site, as we didn’t get much of anything posted sorry about that. If you follow us on Facebook, and if you don’t you should start, you’ll know that we had a pretty big event in the form of a Wedding. Our very own Eric and Audra tied the knot last Thursday and it threw all of our schedules out of whack, but that was last week and this week we are back to bring you a dose of reality, well more like a dose of criticism. We’ve got a great list of comics this week, but are they really all that great? Guess you’ll just have to read on and see what we thought of some of this weeks new releases.

I actually had quite a few books to pick up this week, they were mostly good too. Well I at least didn’t feel like I wasted my money. The problem is a good number of them weren’t new reader friendly at all, and frankly could easily be skipped and not miss a beat.

Nightwing issue 13 Nightwing 13
I actually really like what DC has done with Nightwing since The New 52 started. They’re keeping him tied to members of the bat-family, but at the same time he’s his own hero serving Gotham in his own way. We haven’t really gotten a great supporting cast yet, but we’re only a year in and these things can take some time. Issue 13 is something of a continuation of the zero issue from last month with the return of a character from Dicks past as Robin. I thought it was a good story to help start bringing Nightwing into Death of the Family without making it a direct tie-in yet. There are several mentions of the Jokers return, but that’s not the centerpiece of this tale.

A nice little treat is the writer of this issue, Mr. Tom Deflaco. I’ve enjoyed Kyle Higgins run, and as far as I know he’ll be continuing his run which I’m happy about. It’s cool to see someone with such an awesome history in the business on a book like this though.

Verdict: Take It

AvX Consequences 2 AvX Consequences 2
With Fear Itself we had the 12 issue series The Fearless, which was kind of interesting but overall unnecessary. With Avengers Vs. X-Men we’re getting something a bit better though, AvX Consequences. I wasn’t thrilled with the first issue, but this second one really started to make things look interesting. I’ve always loved interactions between Wolverine and Cyclops and that’s a decent chunk of this book. We also get to see once again what a huge asshat Scott Summers really is. I know this whole Cyclops in prison thing won’t last forever, but while it does I’m going to keep on enjoying it. That said, if you didn’t follow AvX there really is no reason to buy this book.

Verdict:Take It, if you read AvX

Issue 5 of Captain Marvel Captain Marvel 5
So far Captain Marvel has been a pretty solid book story wise. I’m usually not a big fan of Time Travel arcs because they tend to be a little forced and nothing ever really happens. It’s actually been a lot of fun in this book though because Carol Danvers isn’t exactly the best time traveler. She tends to do the opposite of what you’d expect in a time travel tale. I must say I’m not a huge fan of the art though, especially in this issue. It’s not bad by any means, just not my personal tastes. I’ve really got very little else I can say other than you should give the book a shot if you haven’t already!

Verdict: Take It

Hawkeye number 3 Hawkeye 3
Bro, you have got to be reading Hawkeye bro. This book is probably one of the best on the racks. It’s completely unconventional, but it works and it works perfectly. The story jumps around, the characters are crazy, the writing is down right ridiculous and it’s all just perfect. I’m not even going to say anything else, just go out and by this book immediately!

Verdict:Take it bro!

Ultimate Comics Iron Man 1 Ultimate Comics Iron Man 1
Ultimate Iron Man has a pretty interesting history of solo books. At one point Tony Stark was apparently covered in a see-through coating that started out blue because his whole body was actually his brain, or something like that. It was absolutely ridiculous but still a fun read. Then it was retconned during Ultimate Avengers while Nick Furry sat in a bar watching a ‘Fictional’ version of Iron Man on TV, turned out that the whole original story was like a movie or something in the Ultimate Universe. We also got the Ultimate version of Armor Wars and a little quality Tony/Hulk time with Ultimate Human.

Now we’re getting another Iron Man limited series, the first issue was so-so though. Jumping back and forth between teenage Tony and present day Tony. The big reveal at the end has me hopeful for the rest of the issues though. I would honestly probably skip this if not for that, so if you aren’t a huge Iron Man fan already don’t even bother with this. Otherwise pick it up for the setup more than the story itself.

Verdict:Take It – Only if you already like Iron Man

Uncanny X-Men 20 Final Issue Uncanny X-Men 20 (The Final Issue. . .)
Just last year we had the final issue of Uncanny X-Men, then it rebooted and now it’s ending again. I really enjoyed the series since it rebooted up to AvX. It’s a shame there won’t be more time to give this title the proper send off since it’s being replaced with All New X-Men. This final issue does tie up some of the open plot lines from the last 19 issues, including some of the AvX stuff. It doesn’t do a great job of it though, and really just leaves more openings for things to come than closing things off. It’s definitely not a book to pick up if you haven’t been following Uncanny X-Men already, and honestly you could probably skip it either way.

Verdict:Leave It

Godstorm 1 - Cover A Godstorm 1
I really enjoyed Godstorm 0, the twist it gave to the Greek/Roman Gods was pretty cool and I was excited to see what happened next. Issue one felt like a completely different book though, it was a mob tale of two friends who grew up together. Usually this wouldn’t be my kind of things, but the story and dialogue were fun and the end set us up for what should be a really interesting story that continued from issue 0 more. If you’re going to read this book, which I recommend you do definitely get issue 0 also. It’s not required reading, but it will make you want to know what happens more!

Verdict: Take It

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