Take It Or Leave It – January 29, 2014


Welcome to Take It Or Leave It, where each week we pick out some of that week’s newest comics and give you our opinion on whether it was worth the price and you should take it, or if it was better left sitting on the shelf.

Aaaand we’re back! It’s time once again for Take It Or Leave It, it’s a bit of a smaller version this week but it’s still a pretty solid week. So without anything else from me let us get right into it.

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Teen Titans #27

For the most part I’ve enjoyed Teen Titans, ever since Forever Evil started though the book has just felt off. It’s one of the only books dealing directly with the problem right now, aside from the Justice League titles. Only they’re not dealing with the problem, they’re dealing with a different problem caused by Forever Evil. Anyway, this whole future storyline with Bart (Kid Flash) being made out as a villain just isn’t what I wanted it to be. I’m all for finding out what Bart’s real background is, but I think I would have preferred it if they didn’t let him get back his memories and he was just dealing with something he did, but couldn’t remember. And then there’s Superboy, who isn’t the same one we’ve known all this time. And if you want to get the whole story you have to read his book too. Now this is all well and good when there’s a crossover going on, but for something like this it’s just annoying. I still have hopes for this series getting back on track once the Titans are back in their own time and we can finally see the solution to the whole Raven and Trigon storyline. And who knows, maybe with the upcoming New 52 introduction of Stephanie Brown she’ll be added to the roster, or maybe even an as yet unannounced Wally West to take over the Teen speedster role if Bart doesn’t make it through this unscathed.

Verdict: Leave It

Score: 6/10

Reviewed By: Chris


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30

God this is such a good book, if you’re like me and grew up with the Turtles watching the cartoon and movies, then there is no reason not to be reading this book. It’s got some of the best parts of the original comics, and the cartoons all rolled up into one great monthly installment. Now it’s dealing with the fallout of City Fall, with the Turtles and their allies recovering at April’s families farm. This was one of the parts I enjoyed most in the first movie, seeing the beaten heroes come back to their senses, and this comic is doing it’s own take on that and so far it’s been a great ride. There isn’t a lot of action here, but it’s still a pretty touching issue and well worth the read.

Verdict: Take It

Score: 9/10

Reviewed By: Chris


Witchblade #172

I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about Witchblade’s time jump, but now that we’ve seen a handful of what Ron Marz has planned I’m on board. It’s nice to see Sara is going to be going up against The Angelus, especially with the Darkness apparently dead (I don’t read the Darkness so I’m a bit behind on that). This issue picked right up where the previous one left off with the crazy guy trying to kill Sara and an Angelus warrior there to stop him, but do pretty much the same thing. It’s pretty obvious to see where it was going, but it was still fun to get to it. And the flashbacks of Sara finally removing the Witchblade shed some decent light on how things got to this point, more so than I think the previous couple of issues have done.

Verdict: Take It

Score: 7/10

Reviewed By: Chris


Superior Spider-Man #26

Superior Spider-Man is really getting good, with the official kickoff of Goblin Nation we get some great Hob Vs. Green action. And a little bit of a certain ghostly wall crawler that was revealed last issue. Now I’m completely torn about that, I’m super excited that Pete is coming back and they’re relaunching Amazing Spider-Man, but at the same time I’m going to miss what’s been happening in this series. One of the nice parts of this issue is it teases what could possible be the direction of the upcoming relaunch of Amazing, and just how Peter’s world is going to be different. Most notably when it comes to dealing with his allies that Otto has effectively told to screw off. I am glad people are finally calling him on his shit too, that’s been the most frustrating aspect, no one really calling Pete on acting like a villain.

Verdict: Take It

Score: 8/10/h3>

Reviewed By: Chris


Uncanny Avengers #16

I feel like Uncanny Avengers never comes out, I know there have been some delays, but by the time I get to a new issue I’ve almost forgotten what last happened. Regardless of that though, this is a really great book. So much has been happening, and so many characters have died. It’s one of those stories that you know when it’s all over they’re going to end up rewriting time or something to fix it all, but it’s still just fun to read and see where things are going. Issue 16 is no different, and frankly any time we get to see angry Thor is a good time. He even picks up Cap’s shield at one point. Things are really coming to a head finally so the next issues should only be more exciting from here.

Verdict: Take It

Score: 8/10

Reviewed By: Chris

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