Take It Or Leave It – August 15, 2012

This week’s Take It Or Leave It features stories like Witchblade, Avengers, Archer & Armstrong, and several more. So lets get started.

This week we’re looking at a few of my usual books, along with a few that I just picked up to see how what it’s like. Overall it was a pretty good week for comics. Not to many leave it’s at all.
Saga issue 6 cover Saga #6
At this point if you’re not picking up Saga then you’re just doing it wrong. Issue 6 wraps up the first story arc pretty nicely and sets us up for what’s to come next. Almost every issue has multiple prints so it shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on the first 6. Go ahead start looking you can finish this after you’ve ordered them or picked them up right from the store. And make sure to read the letters page at the end, Brian K. Vaughn seems to have a ton of fun with that page, its’ well worth it!

Verdict: Take It

Issue 12 cover for Green Lantern Green Lantern #12
Geoff Johns is just one of those guys who doesn’t really write a bad comic. Really any guy who can make Aquaman one of the top purchased books from month to month has to be good at his craft. But this isn’t Aquaman, this is Green Lantern and since the New 52 started it’s been an interesting book. I didn’t follow it before so I don’t know what it was like pre-reboot but so far this story is great. The uneasy alliance of Hal Jordan and Sinestro is trying to deal with a resurgence of the Black Lantern’s, but it’s got an interesting twist and actually leaves off on the last page with a “WTF” kind of moment that leaves you just wanting more!

Verdict: Take It

Varient Cover from the new Archer and Armstrong issue 1 Archer & Armstrong #1
Yes I know this didn’t come out this week, but I bought it because it sounded interesting and I bet a lot of you saw it on the shelves and maybe just walked right by it. For those who’ve been reading comics since the ’90s you’ll remember this title. It original debuted back in 1992, this is a new take on that book though. The origins have been altered a bit, but that shouldn’t sway your interest. The first half of the book is a little heavy handed with the religious stuff and for a while I was thinking I’d picked up some sort of severe religious cult propaganda book. The basic idea is a young man, Archer, is sent by his crazy religious amusement park owning parents to cleanse the world of evil as essentially the hand of god. He goes to the obvious place for evil in the world. . . New York City and meets Armstrong who isn’t exactly a normal guy either. Overall the fights are fun. The story, once you get past the first few pages, picks up and really gets interesting.

Verdict: Take It

Cover for AvX Tie-In Avengers issue 29 Avengers #29
The Avengers are a Marvel staple, the Earth Mightiest Heroes, and the biggest movie of 2012. Unfortunately with AvX still going strong, for 2 more issues anyway, this title has taken a wrong turn. The biggest problem with this issue is it takes place back before issue 8 of the main Avengers Vs. X-Men books. We already know what happened in it, the only difference is the reveal of a telepath helping out the Avengers. Problem is from the time they mention needing a psychic you know who it going to be. There’s no surprise to it, but that’s how they play it. 90% of the issue you only see their thoughts as they talk to the Avengers, the big reveal is just a “Yep I saw that coming” kind of moment. Personally I’m hoping Avengers gets away from AvX soon the way some of the other books already have. I want Bendis to give us one more good story line before leaving for the All New X-Men.

Verdict: Leave It

Cover to the second issue of the new Captain Marvel Captain Marvel #2
I don’t know a ton about Captain Marvel. I know he was originally Mar-Vel, a Kree warrior. And now she’s Carol Danvers, human pilot with all kinds of crazy powers. I also know this book is actually pretty good. It took me 2 issues to get used to the artwork, but it’s definitely starting to grow on me. And I know plenty of people think it’s amazing and love it, so good for you all. Regardless, issue 1 was a decent setup for new readers to get to know Carol and see her decide to become Captain Marvel instead of Ms. Marvel. Issue 2 actually starts a story, Carol gets knocked back to WWII and gets rescued by a group of american soldiers in Japan, or some island occupied by the Japanese. One of the highlights of the story is Carol not knowing what to do. She’s not used to taking things slow and figuring it out and says as much, her instinct is to punch until everything works again and I like that. The issue leaves us with a minor cliffhanger so we’ll have to wait till next issue to see what happens.

Verdict: Take It

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