T.W.I.G. 7/20/2014



Hello again everyone, it’s time for everyone’s favorite (or at least my favorite because I write it) weekly post here on One-Quest, The Week In Gaming! Now keep in mind that it’s summer and for whatever reason that means gaming news and releases are REALLY sparse so bear with me if these are a little shorter in the summer it’s not my fault!

The News:

  • For the 6th month in a row, the PS4 was the top selling console. No exact numbers have been released but this should put the PS4 somewhere around 9 million units sold in just 8 months. Also with the lowered price point Xbox One sales in June were double those in May but still had it in second place.
  • The single-player Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas will be releasing on July 22nd. The first wing is free to anyone who plays during the “Launch window” previously mentioned to be about a month with the other 4 wings costing either 700 in game gold or $6.99 with a pack for all of the wings costing $24.99.
  • Sony has updated The Playroom app on PS4 with full on production support for live talk-shows and other uses that weren’t originally planned for the game. Originally just an interactive showcase, people started doing live talk shows (and other inappropriate things) even with the minimal options in the app. You will now be able to create live polls and interactive features using a companion app. Keep an eye out for a One-Quest show using this tech, we were already interested before and this is even more interesting with full support!
  • 3 new characters were announced for Smash Bros. 4. Captain Falcon is returning along with 2 new characters both from Fire Emblem Awakening: Robin, the main character, and Lucina (who apparently will have the same moveset as Marth).

The new releases:

  • Oddworld: New and Tasty (7/22) – PS4
  • Wii Sports Club (7/25) – WiiU

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