T.W.I.G. 1/5/2014

Welcome to the first edition of The Week In Gaming for 2014 here on One-Quest.com. As per usual in the winter news is a bit slow but CES 2014 is coming up soon so some things should be coming out of that. (Also sorry for being late!)

The News:

    • Warner Bros. Montreal has confirmed that the first Batman: Arkham Origins DLC will feature Mr. Freeze. Not many more details have been released and only 2014 has been set for a release date.
    • Respawn Entertainment has said that there will be no built-in modding tools for the PC version of Titanfall when it releases in March. They will evaluate the situation after launch if they believe the need is there.

New Releases:

    • Don’t Starve (1/7) – PS4
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (1/9) – PC
    • Wii Fit U (1/10) – WiiU
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